Origin & Creation

Urban Kizomba has developed itself during the last years and has its origin in France. It is also named French-Style, Urban Kiz, Modern Kizomba or Neo Kizomba. But also other countries follow here clearly. More and more dance schools and artists become engrossed in this field and offer extra Urban Kiz workshops. On Youtube innumerable videos are spread and is not to be imagined therefore any more from the Kizomba world.

Qualities of Urban Kiz

In contrast to traditional Kizomba, Urban Kiz is danced more on the line and has mostly a distance to the dancing partner. The dancing partners have a very upright attitude and, besides, a lot of body tension, because there is a lot of leading with arms and legs. Fast leg movements, breaks and stops are typical. Urban Kiz is more danced on electronic music, ghetto Zouk, Hip Hop and remixes of pop songs or other music sources.

Urban Kiz demos