No time for dance lessons? Or is the distance too far? Or do you just feel like a new figure? We have found some You-Tube instructional videos for you that not only contain demos but also provide explanations. We are very grateful for video tips from you. Just send us a link by email and we will add to our repertoire. The instructional videos are divided into dance styles.


Kizomba basics

Kizomba intermediate

Kizomba advanced

Tarraxinha basics

Especially for freshman Tarraxinha is very unusual. It is an unusual movements for our body, whose will be trained at first. To get a good entrance to Tarraxinha we have collocated different youtube tutorials for you. They describe how to move and especially in which direction. You can train it at home in front of your mirror. Have fun.

Semba tutorials

Ginga & body movement tutorials

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