The results of our first online survey about festivals have been evaluated. In this article we want to show you some of the results. The winner is clearly a suitable location and a good balance between men and women. Which factors are also far ahead and which are surprisingly behind, you will learn in this report.

Datas and facts about the participants

298 people participated the online survey. In each case we asked the gender, the level of dancing skills, which festival size is preferred, the prioritization of the festival content and how many festivals are visited per year. In addition, each participant could select five of 12 possible features that are most important to them at festivals:

  • festival size
  • ticket price
  • popularity and quality of the teachers
  • popularity and quality of the DJs
  • a wide range of workshops (different styles, levels)
  • presence of taxi dancers
  • shows
  • social dance
  • a nice and suitable location (ambience, quality of dance floor, parking possibilities etc.)
  • balance men/women
  • Internationality (teachers, DJs, guests)
  • all in one service (accommodation deals, catering service, shuttles, etc.)

gender and dance level

The 298 survey participants are spread over 172 women and 126 men. 7 people rated themselves as beginners / improvers, 91 as intermediates, 166 as advanced and 34 as master / teacher. Of  298 participants, 118 attend up to five festivals per year, 107 attend between five and ten festivals annually, and 73 attend more than ten per year.

Priority of festival content

148 participants (50%) stated that both – dancing and workshops – are important to them. 135 participants (strong 45%) put their emphasis purely on dancing itself. Only 15 persons (5%) attach importance mainly to workshops and possibility to practice. The trend is therefore pure dance festivals, without a workshop program, as well as festivals with workshop program.

Small and middle-sized festivals are trendy

Priority of festival size

Even though big festivals with more than 1000 participants are well known and well visited, medium-sized (250-750) and small-sized (up to 250) festivals are still very popular. A more personal atmosphere is one of the main reasons. Also a better balance between men and women, which is difficult to achieve at major events.

Location and balance are ahead

A beautiful location and the balance between women and men are at the top prioritization of festival features. A beautiful and suitable location with ambience and appropriate floor is for 68% of all respondents one of the most important features. The second most important feature is a good balance between women and men which received 65% of high importance. Not? Surprisingly, Social Dance, which has been in increasing demand during recent years, takes the third place, ahead of the popularity and quality of Deejays. This is a clear sign of the expansion of social dance, which has already been observed over the past two years.

Overall evaluation

The ticket price is on the fifth place. Only 50% say this is one of the key decision-making features, showing that more emphasis is placed on other characteristics. 44% of all respondents attach great importance to the booked dance teachers and primarily affects those participants who feel that workshops are important.

The service around a festival is not to be underestimated. Accommodation, shuttle service or complete packages are considered by 33% of the respondents as very important. Especially for people who visit more than five festivals a year and don’t want to deal with all-round planning. The more festivals are visited, the easier the organization of the festival trip should be. A recommendation for organizers is, among other things, complete packages that include both – ticket and hotel accommodation – and, if necessary, shuttle service. The minimum service should be the mention of hotels in the vicinity of the location as well as contact details. Participants who have to do their own research and organization could possibly stay away.

At about 20%, the festival’s size, the variety of workshops and surprisingly far behind, the internationality of the event and the presence of taxi dancers takes place. Since balance is generally felt to be very important, it is surprising that the presence of taxi dancers is not considered as much important. The result shows that the participants want a good balance, but not necessarily through the use of “too many” taxi dancers.

With not even one vote, the shows are in last place. Although the performances are often a great complement and a way for the artists to present themselves and their skills, it is not among the top 5 priorities of a festival for any participant. Especially as the participants prefer to dance themselves. This trend can already be seen at many festivals and the show performances are drastically shortened or no longer offered at all.

Priorization of the gender

Comparison of women and men priorities

The biggest difference between women and men is logically the balance. For women, balance at 85% is the most important criteria at a festival, followed by the location. But even for men, the balance at 38% is still in sixth place and shows that men also enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, rather than dancing in chord with the waiting ladies. It also shows that women place more value on the presence of taxi dancers, but by no means are as important as other traits. With just 32%, the presence of taxi dancers is just before the shows, the festival size, the variety of workshops and the internationality.

Priority of men

Priority of women

Men, on the other hand, are at 78%, a good location in first place, followed by popular and quality deejays and social dance opportunities.

For organizers, this means paying more attention to a good balance without using too many taxi dancers. Especially this task is not easy and becomes more difficult the bigger the event is. In addition, social dance is becoming increasingly important. Events that do not yet offer social dance should take a closer look at this opportunity for future events.

Social Dance gets high priority

Especially with the participants, whose priority is dancing itself, the social dance has very high priority. Increasingly, organizers report that guests only want to come to social dance. Social Dance is in line with the location of this group. The most important feature for the women is again the balance, which is logical, since they do not want to wait long for a dance partner at the edge. For the pure dancers, the Deejay selection is also important. Organizers who focus on dancing should focus on the popularity and quality of the Deejay selection and create social dance opportunities as long as possible.

Group evaluation: priority dancing

On the other hand, if we consider the group which emphasizes both dancing and workshops, well-chosen dance teachers are far ahead. But the social dance potential in this group is not rated as highly. For this, more emphasis is placed on a wide selection of workshops. In this group as well, women attach great importance to a good balance, among other things so that they do not have to attend the workshops without training partners. If necessary, organizers can work here with guest dancer, who help out during workshops.

Group evaluation: priority dancing and workshops


Whoever wants to organize a top festival, no matter if small, medium or large, can score with a nice and suitable location and a good balance between men and women and thus possibly stand out from the many competitors. It is important that the balance does not necessarily have to be compensated by taxi dancers, but this will be a challenge for event organizers. An alternative could be guest dancer, who have to help out during workshops. The quality of the deejays and teachers is more important to potential participants than the ticket price. An absolute must is the offer of a social dance. Many talk about social dance being more important to them than the party itself.

Surprisingly, the internationality is not as important as expected. Another advantage for organizers could be a full service. Complete packages, hotel deals, shuttle services and the other things are very welcome, especially by participants who visit many festivals and want little effort with the travel organization.

Complete evaluation

A full evaluation with in-depth analysis will be available to event organizers in June 2019. The individual areas are evaluated in detail, analyzed and optimization proposals for organizers will be discussed. In addition, supplements are supplemented by various personal surveys. Pre-orders for the survey evaluation can be sent to

Special thanks to Mariette for her support.

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