Origin & Creation

Tarraxinha is based on the original Kizomba moves, but distinguish itself by fluid motions and by virtually “constant running and be in movement” as well as by coherent figures.

Qualities of Tarraxinha

However, Tarraxinha is essentially more quiet and also danced much slower. Movements are often pulled about a tact blow away, while by dancing Kizomba every tact blow of the 4/4 means a step. By the long-pulled movements about several tact blows away, this dance looks still more sensually, more full of feeling and still more intimate than Kizomba itself. And how we know Kizomba is considered by a lot of dancers already as the most sensual dance.

The quiet way of the Tarraxinha dance comes by wavelike hip movements, while the rest of the body remains statically and hardly moves. Because the hip stands in the foreground of the movements, it means particularly for women often overcoming to open to this kind of dance. On the dance floor both styles are often combined, according to music and musicality of the respective dance pair can appear strange dances.

Tarraxinha demos