If someone can call himself a high-flyer, it’s him: DJ Narc6. For over a year he has been touring through Germany and Europe as a Kizomba DJ, with more than 50 bookings in 2017, his calendar for 2018 is already well filled until summer and he is already booked for several events in 2019. Narc6 told us in Frankfurt about the start of his career and his goals for the future.

Kick-off in January 2017

DJ Morelasoul & DJ Narc6. photo: unknown

In May 2016 Archi Roots gave him the first chance to deejay at the Kizombachata Festival in Bremen since Archi himself was responsible for the artist presentation. Previously, he’d worked as a Salsa DJ a few times before he discovered his passion for Kizomba. DJ Morelasoul, whom he met in September 2016 at the KizombaInvasion Part I, convinced him to become Kizomba DJ. “Also the KizInvasion team around Yaya Diallo, Ernest Tarracha and Franky KizzFly believed in me from the beginning.

His DJ career kicked off in January 2017 with the first booking at a party, where Enah gave a workshop in advance. Already in February 2017 he was booked as a DJ at the “Berlin Valentines Festival”. Since then he is traveling almost everywhere. At peak times, he deejays up to four times a week.

One DJ who inspires him most is Morelasoul. “…he inspired me to become a Kizomba DJ. His music is different and special.” Also some other DJs like Madiss, Saï Saï, Nice Life, Lenhy, Valet, Zay’X, Maximelody and Colts are among the DJs that impress him.

Photo: Photoart Eichin

“… I want to tell a story with my music.”

Narc6 still has his own style. “#Massage #Relax” and “Sky is no limit” are his slogans and are by now well known. He has an incomparable sense for music and knows exactly what his audience wants to hear. He creates the perfect mix of catchy beats so no dancer wants to stand still and soft gentle feel-good music that make you not want to let go of your dance partner to avoid disturbing the harmony. And it does not matter if he plays Urban Kiz or classic Kizomba. Narc6 likes both music styles. “I want to take people on a journey and tell a story with my music. No matter what style. It’s most important that people enjoy it.”

And that’s exactly what he does. Parties with him are always well attended, more and more organizers book him for events. He had over 50 bookings in 2017 and 2018 continues like this. Within a year he has gone from zero to one hundred. This is also due to the support of many friends. Mark Weber sponsored him the first professional controller (he had only a small one), so he was able to start at all. Victoria Dambach and Suzie Geisler have been very supportive with photos, advertising or recommendations. Also, Lamsca Sagnia is always a great support and a close friend to him. Sabine Kolle and Murmel + have recommended him for some festivals and parties such as “Frankfurt Festival” or “Afromoves”. “Support is important in the scene and I am very grateful to my friends, organizers and fans in Germany and now also abroad.

The journey continues

His journey as a Kizomba DJ has taken Narc6 already to Italy, the Netherlands, France and whole Germany. In 2018, even more European destinations are on the agenda. His favorite events included Viva Kizomba Congress, Afromoves Kizomba Festival and X-Mas Gala in Kassel, for all of which he has been booked in the meantime. His personal goal would be a booking at I’m your DJ Events, but with his steep career this should only be a matter of time.

In “normal” life, Narc6 is currently writing his master thesis in Information Technology in Munich. When asked if it is not exhausting to reconcile studies and deejaying, he just smiles. It already happened that he had to deejay at night, then drive to the campus at 6 o’clock to write an exam at 7:30 and then be on the turntables again at 1 pm. “Sometimes it’s hard to do both, but it’s manageable.” An absolute power program. He did not tell us his age, we got the same answer he gives everyone: “Old enough :-)”

Narc6′ success story is unrestrained and hopefully we can look forward to many more gigs with him. You can see on its Facebook page where you can see him in 2018 (click on -“Save the dates”).

In this sense #Massage #Relax

Cover photo: Suzie Geißler

DJ Narc6 schedule

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