We already reported about the X-Mas Gala in Kassel under the direction of Sabine Kolle. Generally known as Germany’s „best festival“, the fight for tickets, especially ladies tickets, gets ever bigger. Creative attempts to get a lady ticket and men who try to snatch a “free ticket” worry the role model organizer. Hereinafter you find out why she keeps on pulling through with her consistent way.

Fighting for women tickets

Every year the same game. Just a few weeks before the Xmas Gala, the ladies try to get a ticket in order to visit one of the best festivals in Germany. Why? As simple as that: it’s well-known that this event is unique. Familiar, great artists and DJs, well-chosen taxi dancers, a wonderful location and ABOVE ALL – a well balanced ration between male and female dancers. “Everyone should get the chance to dance and to go home with a great feeling” says Sabine. The ladies amongst us appreciate that since the fewest of the organizers put their priority on this – the main thing is to sell tickets. But not at Sabine’s event. She strictly closes the ticket sale for ladies as soon as the balance is not guaranteed anymore and she only opens it again, once more male tickets get sold. There is no doubt about that!

At the moment this doesn’t find enthusiasm with everyone. People search creative ways to participate in the X-mas Gala anyways. E.g. women try to register for male tickets or two females register for a “couple-pass”. But this doesn’t work. Also, the attempt to convince Sabine of exceptions are useless. There are no exceptions. This leads from time to time to unfriendly messages that Sabine has received in the last days and weeks.

Therefore, we from KizzMag want to give our personal statement about this. Dear ladies, buy your tickets on time. Anyone who comes too late has had bad luck and needs to try it again next year. It’s not possible to make exceptions. Where would it start, where would it end? Countless times we hear complaints about events where the ladies have to stand in lines and need to hope to be discovered and asked for a dance by a guy. If Sabine made all of these exceptions, exactly this would be the result again. However, the goal is a wonderful event with a great balance that is more relaxing for everyone.

No free tickets for men

Also, the guys try their luck in this situation. It’s been made public through several posts that male guests are still needed. The result: several attempts to get free tickets or to be an additional taxi dancer. This can’t be the right idea.  The planned taxi dancers are booked already and there won’t be additional ones. Please accept that there are only fee required tickets left. A high-quality event like this one simply costs money and therefore also needs to generate revenue. If you want high quality, you should reward this accordingly and buy your ticket.

Support top event!

You still want a high-quality event further on that you can look forward to the whole year? You still want that Sabine Kolle, who bears most of the event organization herself, to keep on organizing it? Then please accept her way of organizing and her decisions. Men, buy your tickets and contribute actively that we can look forward to this event also in the future.

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