„Ronie Saleh – his workshops are very worthwhile”: was the cumulative response of several dancers at the Afromoves festival. Ronie Saleh, with help from his brother Armanch, taught his moves at the 6th Annual Afromoves Kizomba Festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany. After so many good reviews, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to join a workshop with these sympathetic Stockholm guys, so we signed ourselves up. We found out at the end that the work shop wasn’t just a normal Kizomba work shop, but rather an inspiration for life.

“Connection & Flow”

was the name of Salehs’ two hour workshop. His workshop concentrated on the connection between two dancers, and the defining role of a leading man. The Saleh brothers said the most important part of the dance is to reach a good flow. We were really impressed with how they were able to easily change who takes lead and who follows. In one moment Ronie was leading and then a half of a turn later his brother would take the lead. To top it off, they did this all with a good portion of humor.

Kizomba mixed with philosophy:

Ronie Saleh is very connected with his body and soul, thus his workshop didn’t only offer good dancing skills it also concentrated on answering the following questions: how do I live my life? Do I do everything right?

Saleh told a story about a survey in a hospice, in which dying people were asked what they would have changed in their lives, if they could live it a second time. The most answers were:

  • Live more for your passion
  • Live more your own life and not the life of others
  • Work less and take more time for the beautiful things in life

This insight awakened us all to the fact that the desire to live and passion for life itself should be the highest priority in everyone’s life. We only have one life to live, and no matter what you choose to do in it, do it right and with your heart. If you dance Kizomba, dance it right – with fool and heart.

His words silenced all of the workshop participants. The room became really quiet as everyone took a moment to reflect. No one had expected a workshop with so much depth.

Ronie Saleh & brother at 6th afromoves festival, Ludwigsburg

Conclusion: The workshop was very worthwhile, an experience that will remain with us for a long time. This is not only meant with regards to the dancing, but rather also in terms of the self-reflection we take away with us as humans. Thus, to conclude, we highly recommend, with all our heart, Saleh’s workshops, if you ever have the possibility to join one.

An article by Dani & Lene


Saleh Brothers & Myrthe / Urban Kizomba Impro Show / AfroMoves

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