Amount of festivals are continuously rising

Impressive! In the meantime, there are so many festivals that you can hardly keep track of them anymore. We tried to find all festivals and put them on one list. Nearly 40 festivals will take place only in October 2017, thereof 7 in Germany. Those who are still looking for a suitable festival will find one for sure.

Risk of saturation

2017 we will reach at least 250 Kizomba festivals around Europe, including also mixed festivals with Salsa and Bachata. A decrease of new events is not in sight anytime soon. Organizers discovered the Kizomba trend long ago and try to ride the crest of that wave.

More and more new projects are planned and organizers push on with it. We are curious how the scene will develop further. A saturation of the Kizomba festival market will be the result – sooner or later. You can see first indications in that already some festivals were canceled or are not profitable because of low participation. This often happens due to competing events nearby at the same time. Of course, the Kizomba scene is growing, but not as much as the number of events are growing at the moment. Only the fewest are able to afford visiting a festival every weekend, which usually involves not only the ticket fees, but also the costs for travel, accommodation and meals.

Loveless organized events, which are often only organized to make “cash”, won’t survive this development. Organizers who are well-established over years or who organized especially great events will survive. Word-of-mouth recommendations are essential and those who do it with much blood, sweat and tears will have a good chance in the future.

The events you will also find in our Festival-Guide.

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