Stone's & Sabine, Kizomba Kassel

“No human being moves to Kassel – except for Kizomba,” says Sabine Kolle, who has learned to love Kizomba in Paris.

4 years ago, she decided to set up a Kizombaszene in Kassel and she is now in charge of this area. At this point, Kizomba was still completely unknown . Her annual Kizomba X-Mas Gala in December is one of the best quality and popular festivals in all of Germany. What is the secret of her success ?

It starts with Sabine’s basic attitude. It is not about big money or prestige. First of all, the fun of Kizomba and a family atmosphere is the most important detail. Her slogan “Kizomba family & friends” is a big hit and is reflected in the consistently positive response of the festival participants. Wherever you listen, only praises are heard to the event.

Probably the most important success factor is her strict attitude in the matter of “male / female guests. If too many women’s Passes are sold, she stops the sale of these cards mercilessly. A balanced relationship between dancers and dancers is extremely important to her.

Sabine don´t want to see disapointed ladies, who are waiting on the dancefloor, or busy men who are under pressure with dancing because of too much ladies who are without an men .
This atmosphere spreads over the whole festival and should be one of the main reasons for the feel-good atmosphere.

Kizomba Kassel, Xmas Gala, Sabine KolleSabine places the claim at her own organization, which, by the way, is largely almost organized alone – to be without any mistakes.

After each event, she creates an error log, which runs it point by point, to get better and better than the last time.

And if only the desire of the guests, to put a few more chairs next to the dance floor, she will make it happen . A good guide for what she can do better, is also to see the organizational weaknesses of other festivals. Ultimately, the secret of the success lies in the fact, that she really care about everything personally, giving the festival a very personal touch.

Top Location: the Orangerie in Kassel perfect suited for weddings, corporate events and even dance events. The stylish ambience is unique; Only rarely youwill get such a nice location at a festival.

An ingenious mix of amazing DJs like Morelasoul, Valet or DJ Stefanio Lima and many other national and international DJs ensure the best Kizomba music. Unlike other DJs, here they are doing a funny battle in which they can shine. All of them are connected to each other and friends as well. The mutual stimulation heats up all dancers in such a way that no one even comes up with the idea to take a break.

Many other organizers can cut off a slice from Sabine´s organization. Less is sometimes more and the success gives Sabine Kolle the good feedback. She also demonstrates sensitivity by choosing her Kizomba artists.

Since more then 1 year, she is also traveling more internationally to festivals as a Kizombo teacher with her dance partner Stone’s under the label “Stone’s & Sabine” and she knows exactly what is important for the selection of suitable Kizomba artists.

Furthermore, she attaches great importance to a high level of all booked taxi dancer, the highest dance demands. For the upcoming X-MAS gala in December, she has booked for now 8 Taxi Dancer Teams. For example the teams of “KTT”, “Gentle 4 Kizomba” “The Dream Kiz”, “CMD”, “Ultimate Kiz” and “Air Taxis of Rotha Rtpakiz Pak”, “Casanova” and many more are coming soon.

As of April there are already more than 200 tickets sold, 500 is the limit. More quality instead of quantity is the motto. In particular, interested ladies should secure their ticket as soon as possible. There are no special exceptions. More information about the event can be found on our Kizomba event guide or by clicking directly on the flyer.

Festival Kassel, Stone's & Sabine

The X-MAS Gala receives the title “Absolutely recommendable” and should be a markered in every festive calendar of demanding Kizomberas / os.

For those who can’t wait until Dezember to see Stone’s and Sabine live, should pay attention to following events:

Urban Kizz Bootcamp – 6. Mai 2017 in Bremen

Kizombainvasion Stuttgart – 2.-5. Juni 2017 in Stuttgart

Frankfurt Summer Festival – 20.-24. Juli 2017 in Frankfurt

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