For the second time, the “Black Forest Kizomba Days” took place in a new and larger location in Horb am Neckar. Just over 200 guests from Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Freiburg, Switzerland and France visited the small and limited event in the northern Black Forest. In particular, the new location and the good balance made the event something unique.

A report by Maria Nieleck

Former barracks becomes a dance floor

After the Horb monastery was already bursting at the seams in the first edition of 2018, the organizers decided to move to a new venue. On a former barracks site, a new and modern event location was created in 2017 – Quartier77 with integrated catering. Rarely do you experience such a complete and consistent service. Both the hotel only 400 meters from the venue, which invites for a walk at a 16-degree outdoor temperature in February, as well as the straightforward, free parking on the huge square in front of the front door was a great pleasure, even before the event has started. With beaming faces, the guests were welcomed, the registration was really good organized, so no long waiting times arose – what a great start!

The integrated restaurant offered over the weekend a great food selection for all tastes. Certain meals were served throughout the whole night. Not only price and performance, but also the extremely well-organized service and fast delivery convinced.

Balanced line up

Workshop VerSus

A colorful mixed line-up offered over 1.5 days a total of 17 workshops and 2 parties. As international dance teachers “VerSus” from Rome as well as Black Cherry & Manu from Paris were invited. The Italian dance teacher couple was well received by the audience, who were already there for the second time. Otherwise, the organizers rely on well-known local and national dance teachers and deejays. “We have excellent teachers and deejays in Germany. We’re happy to support them.”  Besides VerSus, George & Iva from Pack’n’dance, Gregor & Vika, Murmel Plus & Silvi, Dani & Ahmet (AfroMoves) gave workshops in all dance styles: Kizomba Classic, Urban Kiz, Kizomba Fusion, Tarraxinha, Semba and others. The audience was also very mixed, from beginners to very advanced dancers everything was represented. Not only the cream-de-la-cream meets here, but also not so experienced dancers can fully develop here. Therefore the feedback of the guests is not surprising: “unique”, “sensational” and above all “familiar” the organizers of the event got to hear again and again. “Nobody is anonymous here. Here we get to know each other and the mood is very personal,” says a guest.

Excellent mood

Nearly all guests want to come back, already over 40% of the tickets for February 2020 are sold, with an 86% percent repeat rate.

Gregor & Vika – Heiratsantrag

In particular, the good balance between men and women was a decisive factor for the good mood in Horb. Here was not only made advertising with good balance, but actually realized outstanding. Although the organizers value taxi dancers, but only in moderation, two female taxi dancers were also booked for the men. “There are enough gentlemen who do not feel confident enough to ask for a good dancer or are very reserved. We would like to solve this with female taxi dancers, who give these gentlemen a great dance experience.”

A very special highlight of the first evening was the proposal of Gregor to his Vika during the artist’s performance. If that’s not the biggest compliment for an event organizer! But the familiar cohesion and the cooperation of the club members was felt over the entire event, which also invited this time to the cake buffet on Saturday evening. What a wonderful surprise it is when suddenly at midnight a large cake buffet at your disposal is in front of you?!

Spontaneous outdoor workshops

Another highlight was the weather. In contrast to last year, when all Horb threatened to sink in the snow, the guests were rewarded this year with 16 degrees and beautiful sunshine. George recognized the opportunity and spontaneously moved his two workshops outside. So important men styling tips were learned in the open air and in summer clothing.

George’s Workshop open air


The second “Black Forest Kizomba Days” exceeded their first performance by far. A very successful event that has become an insider tip. A uniquely good balance, a familiar and personal atmosphere and an absolutely top-quality location form the basis for this top event. The carefully selected line-up as well as add-ons such as the free cake buffet or the free drink on the gala evening complete the package.

From 14.-16. February 2020, the 3rd edition takes place and extends until Sunday evening. Boot camps and a long social on Sunday will be offered. Also in attendance are VerSus from Italy, who have established themselves as a solid line up with their Italian charm. New are JP & Stephy and Vie & Sir J. from Paris. Also new is DJ Lionnax from Paris and DJ Malick from Bordeaux, making it the first international DJs at the event.

Early Bird tickets were online one week later and almost sold out. After the excellent reputation of the 2nd edition, one can assume that the 3rd edition will be in great demand


Pictures by Alex Reis – Netlax Photography

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