“Kizombada” – a title of various Kizomba partys, which is used more and more. “KizombADA” in Wuppertal is a recommendable party series with a great passion for detail. The party owes its name to the Turkish regular location “Ada” which stands for “island”. Mario Wolff’s goal is to create a “Kizomba Island” for all Kizomba lovers, not just one more party. He has achieved this goal, relying not only on the creative name of his events. But what makes his event so special?

Quality not quantity

Mario knows his guests and greets and says goodbye to everyone personally unless he’s at the turntables himself. During the event, he keeps asking his guests how they feel and gets their feedback. He wants his guests to feel comfortable, have fun, dance and enjoy Kizomba. Especially his regular guests appreciate this.

For the workshops, he emphasizes quality and variety. A group size of a maximum of 50 participants per workshop is the limit. If groups are too big, it is no fun for the participants, Mario says. Everyone should be able to ask their questions.

 A focus on service

T-shirt service


A special feature is the towel and T-shirt service. Fresh towels and shirts with the KizombADA logo are available for free and freshly washed. Mario offers this service for free at every party. In addition, fresh fruit is available for the participants during the workshop time. A small extra are the sweets at the party, which are also for free.

The balanced ratio between male and female dancers was remarkable, not only during the workshops, but also at the party itself. It is important to him that everyone has the chance to dance. He doesn’t book taxi dancers though. The community is really nice, the people are very open and also newcomers are welcome.

Mario wants to offer variety when it comes to teachers and their classes. He wants to offer something for every taste and students should have the opportunity to get to know different styles. Thus, in addition to classic Kizomba he offered also various Urban Kiz workshops, Tarraxinha and Body movement.

Via the camera to Kizomba

Mario found his way to Kizomba through photography. He began shooting photos at various dance events, first at competition dancing, then at Salsa events and finally at Kizomba. Kizomba was still rare in the region at the time. He wondered why people attended Kizomba workshops when they had then the chance to dance it only to 2-3 Kizomba songs at parties. He took the initiative himself and began to organize Kizomba parties and started deejaying, first in Düsseldorf, later in Wuppertal.

Perfect location and top sound

DJ Radikal & DJ Angelkizz – DJs of KizombADA

The cooperation with the restaurant Ada is going well and it will stay their party location in the future. The parquet floor is ideal for dancing and with an area of 300m² it offers enough space for these events. The restaurant offers two rooms and allows flexible organization of events. The sound system is also of the highest quality and ideal for dance events. Dancing events take place 7 days a week, from Tango to Salsa. “Mario is one of the best organizers. We can rely on each other one hundred percent,” says the restaurant owner.

Positive Feedback from the guests

The guests’ feedback was almost exclusively positive. They came from the immediate region as well as from other surrounding cities like Colone, Dusseldorf, Dortmund or Essen.

"We come here frequently. The atmosphere here is very friendly, the people here just want to dance together and nobody is excluded"

"The organizer is very polite and very personal. He spoke a lot with the participants and thanked them for their participation"

"Due to the small group size and the detailed explanations of the teachers, it was possible to apply directly at the party what I had learned."

"Really fair ticket price"

Of course, workshops and styles are also a matter of taste. Thus, some participants liked some of the workshops better than others, or some workshops were more critically judged. The overall feedback shows though that the organizer did a very good job.

The Saturday party was unfortunately not as well attended as expected. This was mainly due to other events that were taking place at the same time.

A longer break between workshops and party would have been preferred by many participants. Only one hour was scheduled (workshops until 21:00, party starting at 22:00). A little on the tight side for those who wanted to enjoy a relaxed dinner. As a result, the party started a little later.

Our conclusion:

  • An event organized with love by the organizer and his friends, with a very welcoming community
  • Great dance floor and enough space
  • High quality sound
  • Good and mostly regional selection of teachers and DJs
  • Free towel and T-shirt service as well as fruits and sweets
  • Fair price (10 € party entrance incl. 3 € drink voucher)

The workshops were sold out before the event. The Saturday evening party could have needed one or two more spontaneous visitors, especially at a bigger event like this one. We hope for the Kizomba scene that the organizers will agree on dates in the future and thus create a win-win situation for everyone. This is above all an appeal to those who are planning an event in other areas where local and longer-established organizers are already active.

A longer break between workshops and party would have taken away the time pressure at dinner and the evening would have started more relaxed. Nevertheless, whoever complains about this is complaining about first world problems.

KizombADA events in Wuppertal under the direction of Mario Wolff are highly recommended. There are hardly any events that are organized and carried out with so much love for detail and heart and soul and where the guests are so much in the center of attention.

We are always happy to support Mario and his team and look forward to seeing you again.

Mario organizes Kizomba Parties every first Friday of the month. The next big KizombADA KizzWeekend takes place on April 5-7, 2019.

You can find more information here: https://www.facebook.com/kizombadawuppertal

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