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Round about 200 guests did not miss to attend JD’s Kizomba Birthday Party. For the second time he organized his birthday party in the beautiful castle of Karlsruhe with workshops, a show and the party itself with DJ Lenhy from Paris. You will find out here what else the event had to offer.

Noble castle ambience

December 9, 2017 – the illuminated castle shines impressively in front of you as soon as you leave the stairs of the underground car park behind you and see the beautiful building. Even inside there is nothing to moan. The Karlsruhe Palace is probably one of the finest venues in which ever a Kizombaparty took place. High ceilings, elegant architecture and a large foyer provide a unique charm. The floor is also perfect for dancing. No wonder JD has secured this location for his birthday party for the second time.

Before the party started two workshops took place. Juneline from Amsterdam gave a Ladystyle workshop, which is mostly about physical expression. She gave the ladies tips on how to develop their own style and express themselves on the dance floor. She loves to teach this subject. “It’s about more than footsteps and figures.” JD admires her style, especially her musicality – his main reason to invite her to his event.

Afterwards JD & Chrissi held an Urban Kiz Workshop with around 80 participants.

Organizational weaknesses

With a delay of 45 minutes the first workshop with Juneline started and afterwards the second workshop followed. Consequently, the workshop participants and the party guests had to accept this long wait in the foyer, which brought some guests to the limit of their tolerance.

The bar didn’t have enough change which complicated the bartenders work. Thirsty guest with banknotes the did not get far.

Statement of JD Deceus: “Guys, we are really sorry for the workshop delay at our party. This won’t happen again next year, we will be prepared better. We had more women than expected, next time we will organize a better balance. We always want to improve and me and the organization team would be happy for your honest feedback. So we can organize a great next event. Thank you guys.”

DJ Lenhy and his diverse mix

JD Deceus, DJ Lenhy, DJ Narc6

Classic, Urban, Tarraxinha and Semba, pretty much all styles were represented and DJ Lenhy from Paris had the right knack for the audience. He convinced with atmospheric songs and clean mixes and the Kizomberos and Kizomberas wanted to dance the whole night. Unfortunately, the surplus of women did not make it easy for the ladies to dance enough. Experienced and great taxi dancers from e.g. Frankfurt and Munich were invited, but they could not make up for the high surplus. Next year more taxi dancers should be invited.

Show premiere JD Deceus & Nadezda

As announced, JD Deceus & Nadezda performed their show, which consisted of kizomba, ballet and freestyle elements. An expressive performance that impressed the guests and that was rewarded with great applause. The two began to work on their show already at the Frankfurt Summer Festival and they can be proud of their performance.

The guests enjoyed the party until the last song that at about 4 o’clock when also the last guests got on their way home.


Overall a great party in a fantastic location and with a superb DJ. The organization, especially the timing and the bar, are worth optimizing. If the surplus of women can be regulated by inviting more taxi dancers, it will be one of the finest events in the Karlruhe area. Certainly, JD will celebrate his birthday next year and will improve the organization.


Facebook-Bilder zur Party: Hier

Video zur Show: Hier

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