Since 2013, Frankfurt’s Kizomba scene meets once a month on a Sunday in their Kizomba Café. You rarely get coffee and cake there, but instead a variety of Workshops, great DJs and up to 150 guests, some of which come from quite a distance. You can find out here why it is worth the effort.

“There wasn’t anything going on on Sundays…”

“There was no opportunity to dance Kizomba on Sundays in Frankfurt“ Sónia the founder of Kizomba Café told us. She wanted to fix this drawback. She searched for a suitable location for quite a while. At the beginning, she rented a dance school in Frankfurt for her event, after a short time the event took place in a Turkish restaurant and finally she decided that the “Kulturfabrik Frankfurt” in Sachsenhausen was the right location. The first events attracted around 20-30 people, which was a nice start but not the goal. Frankfurt has quite a bigger potential after all. Mannheim, Gießen, Marburg, Fulda, Würzburg, Heidelberg, Darmstadt as well as Mainz and Wiesbaden are not far away.

Diverse program

That is why she does not only organize parties. Sónia also offers a broad variety of workshops. For special events, she invites external trainers, most recently George from Munich who taught interesting steps in three workshops at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. She emphasizes the importance of a balanced male / female ratio during the workshops so nobody has to wait. This elevates the guests’ mood and proves a good organization. During the specials, she also invites taxi dancers to a “healthy” degree in order to ensure balance and a great dancing mood. Sónia herself is also a taxi dancer and active in many places like Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Linz, Vienna as well as Frankfurt and its surroundings. She always takes up the leading part.

The resident DJanes Magic Sunshine (since 2013) and AngelKizz (since 2016) offer something for every taste but Sónia also regularly invites guest DJs from the region.

Local hangout: „DIE FABRIK Kulturwerk Frankfurt“

The location is in Frankfurt am Main. A room like a vaulted cellar offers an incomparable underground feeling and thus sets itself apart from many normal clubs. There is enough space and in the meantime, between 100 and 150 guests find their way to the monthly Kizomba Café. In the context of a special, Sónias Kizomba Café was even guest at Motsi Mabuse’s Taunus dance school on October 15th 2017.

Fundraising event

We want to emphasize the organizer’s cordial and affectionate manner. There is a lot of heart in the whole thing. Her focus for the Kizomba Café is to spend a nice evening with great people. The commercial goals are less important. Her recent fundraising event proves this. When the devastating fires raged in Portugal, her home country, she donated the full revenue of the last event to a family who has lost all their belongings in the fires. All thumbs up for this commitment from our side.

What’s up next?

The next party will take place on December 10. Alongside resident DJane AngelKizz, DJane Magic Sunshine will provide the best Kizomba entertainment. Aris from Koblenz will give an Urban Kiz Workshop at intermediate level from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. The Workshop only costs 4€ and the party admission is 6€ to be paid at the door.

In April 2018, there will be the 5-year anniversary. One thing is for sure, Sónia will come up with something special in order to ensure a great dance evening for her regular guests and Kizomba lovers. We are already excited and we promise to inform you about the event upfront.

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