“KizInvasion Munich” went into its second round this year. Organized and accompanied by a group of taxi dancers, round about 400 Kizomberos and Kizomberas met in the premises of SBZ Fideliopark in Munich to dance on 2 dance floors through the night. Challenging workshops, great DJs, a fantastic atmosphere and an almost unbearable heat characterized the Kizomba event on Easter Sunday 2017.

Young project on high level

Spontaneously I decided to join the “KizInvasion” Event in Munich. About this quite young project I have heard almost only positive things. I arrived after a rainy two hours’ drive. In the daytime, challenging workshops held by various artist were offered, amongst them Doumb from Paris and Daniela from Frankfurt. Stone’s from Bremen and Silvia from Afromoves Stuttgart were VIP guests. As of 2pm the social dance started. You could see the very high level of dancing skills right away, both in the male dancers (probably due to the high number of taxi dancers) and in the female dancers.

Good atmosphere in spite of unattractive location

The big flaw of this event was the location. The ambience itself is already not very spectacular or nice to look at but the temperature and the air in the rooms were quite soon close to unbearable. All guests agreed on this point. No matter if men or women, nobody’s clothes stayed dry. In order to take care of the climate and airing, the windows had to be opened several times. Since the location is based in a residential area, the music had to be turned off then to avoid noise disturbance for the neighbors. Thus, the dancers were disturbed in their dance regularly.

The live performance of Martina Flei, who impressively accompanied the music with her violine, was a beautiful complement. Unfortunately, also here the beautiful atmosphere was regularly disturbed since every single song was announced separately. It would have been more beneficial to the atmosphere to announce the artist only once and to thank her at the end of the performance. It would have been also nice, to let her perform on a pedestal, so that guests could see her better. She stood in front of the DJ and only persons nearby could see her. Nevertheless, the performance of Martina added the certain something to the music.

Despite the unbearable heat and the occasional disruptions, it was a successful party with a very high dancing standard. It was fun, the music was balanced and the organization was professional and didn’t let the dancers go short on anything. A “real” Kizombero don’t be undeterred by a high temperature. After four in the morning I lost my energy and finished dancing. The others were still in good mood atmosphere and didn’t stop dancing until sunrise.


  • good organization

  • Softdrink-Flatrate incl. + African food

  • high dancing level

  • Top DJs und artists

  • 2 Floors (traditionel/Semba, Urban Kizz)

  • Location – temperature too high and unattractive ambience

  • music interruptions

The next Kizombainvasion takes place beginning of June, then for the first time in Stuttgart. We are curious how this party concept will be received in “Schwabenland” and we will of course also attend this event in order to report about it.

KizombaInvasion Stuttgart

Fans of Munich Kizombainvasion can be excited already. The organizers are already searching a new location. We are curious.

A report from Silke Wiedenhöft

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