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The lighthouse of Alexandria enlightens again – in Mainz!

“Temple of Kiz”, the new Urban Kiz Festival in the Mainz Pyramid has made an excellent start. Already more than 300 Kizomberos and Kizomberas from Germany, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg have visited the new festival and the feedback is positive, not only because of the unique location. Our review: A focus on dancing The social […]

Xmas Gala Kassel – top event of the year

Sold out! For the fourth time in a row, the X-Mas Gala was one of the top festivals in Germany and beyond. Not without rattled nerves, because not everyone appreciates Sabine’s consistent organization. More than 600 guests attended and enjoyed high-quality workshops, socials and parties with the scene’s best DJs in a beautiful location in […]


SURVEY: Which is important to me at festivals?

More and more Kizomba festivals arise round Europe and the whole world. We are curious and interested in your opinion. Please help us to understand, which features are really important for you and which sort of festivals you prefer. Only 6 questions – not more than 3 minutes of your time. Thanks for your support.

Taxi dancer – blessing or curse?

Taxi dancers – what’s that? Mostly male, experienced dancers who balance the relationship between male and female dancers. Additionally, they take care of the ladies, who are not asked as often for a dance or who are still beginners, so that everyone spends a nice dance night. A good thing. But where there is light, […]

Kizomba in the castle – JD’s birthday party

Round about 200 guests did not miss to attend JD’s Kizomba Birthday Party. For the second time he organized his birthday party in the beautiful castle of Karlsruhe with workshops, a show and the party itself with DJ Lenhy from Paris. You will find out here what else the event had to offer. Noble castle […]

AfroMoves festival – with competition and silent social room

Afromoves, Germany’s first Kizomba school, has been organizing a Kizomba Festival in the greater Stuttgart area for the past seven years. In addition to their extensive Kizomba program and the usual high-quality artists and DJs, they offer now also a Salsa and Bachata dance floor. Like every year, Kizomberas and Kizomberos can count on high […]

Kizomba café – meeting point Frankfurt

Since 2013, Frankfurt’s Kizomba scene meets once a month on a Sunday in their Kizomba Café. You rarely get coffee and cake there, but instead a variety of Workshops, great DJs and up to 150 guests, some of which come from quite a distance. You can find out here why it is worth the effort. […]

Save the last Kassel tickets!

We already reported about the X-Mas Gala in Kassel under the direction of Sabine Kolle. Generally known as Germany’s „best festival“, the fight for tickets, especially ladies tickets, gets ever bigger. Creative attempts to get a lady ticket and men who try to snatch a “free ticket” worry the role model organizer. Hereinafter you find […]

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Kizomba meets Motsi Mabuse

Her own dance school, that was always Motsi Mabuse’s dream. She is well-known through the German dance show “Let’s dance” on RTL. On September 2nd 2017 her dream came true. She wanted Kizomba to be part of her offer and therefore she invited JD & Chrissi, two internationally well-known Kizomba artists, to be her partner. […]