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Musicality – music is the key

To all Kizomba dancers out there, or better said “inside”, because due to the CoVid19 pandemic, our life takes place mainly at home. Each of us already felt it. Dance schools were closed, parties were canceled, festivals were canceled or postponed. The first dance schools are only slowly starting to operate under strict conditions. Finally […]


TanzES – started with a single student!

Within five years, Petroula Kaleadous’ dance school TanzES established itself as one of the most popular dance schools in Stuttgart and around. Their varied course program ranges from Zumba to Salsa, Bachata to Kizomba and, more recently, West Coast Swing. In addition to the course schedule, various workshops and boot camps are regularly on the […]


A Kizomba highlight was offered on 17th August in Pratteln, near Basel in Switzerland. Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata were offered with excellent DJs, complemented by Kizomba and Bachata workshops, a familiar atmosphere and a unique location. Find out here why you shouldn’t miss the next event. Urban Kiz with holiday feeling Last year in August, […]

India meets “Temple of Kiz”

There is not much to complain about. Already at the second edition, Temple of Kiz came up with an excellent organization, top quality and best mood. Why Temple of Kiz is one of the top-festivals in Europe and has amazed at the passport control at Frankfurt Airport, you can find out here. Open Air Social […]


Event Chaos

In conversation with Stone’s Rock (Bremen) More and more Kizomba events arising faster and faster. Especially France, Spain, Italy and Germany are leading the list. More than 300 festivals are expected to take place in Europe in 2019. Individual parties are no longer countable. What often is missing is compliance with certain event rules and […]

Festivals in June

June is coming and beside the Summer Sensual Days in Rovinj there are further more interesting festivals. For those who want to decide spontanousely, will find a detailed list below. Five festivals will take place in Germany, ten in France. If you want to combine Kizomba with holidays, you should have a look to the […]


The secrets of a top festival

The results of our first online survey about festivals have been evaluated. In this article we want to show you some of the results. The winner is clearly a suitable location and a good balance between men and women. Which factors are also far ahead and which are surprisingly behind, you will learn in this […]

79 festivals in three months

If you have the choice, you’re also in agony. We took a closer look at the months of April, May and June and researched where you could go to festivals. We did not look at the USA, Asia or Australia and focused primarily on Europe and surrounding countries. The list is headed by France with […]

Second round in the temple

After a successful start in 2018, “Temple of Kiz” enters the second round. What awaits the guests this year and what innovations there are, you will read in the following.   A special selection of workshops and boot camps, an international DJ ensemble and a state-of-the-art and unique location in the form of a pyramid […]

Hot, hotter, hottest…

It should be a cozy party with about 80 guests to celebrate his comeback with friends in Frankfurt. Narc6’s Non-Stop Kizomba & Comeback Party, however, quickly developed into a larger dimension that he himself had not expected. Read below why it was one of the highest quality, but also one of the hottest parties of […]