He is one of the old stagers – Doumb – who teaches Kizomba already since 2008. He tells us in our interview about his life before dancing, his personal development as well as valuable advices for dancers and gives us some insights into the Kizomba “generations”.

If Doumb wasn’t a dancer, he would be … accountant!

Who would have thought about that? Doumb took up advanced studies in accounting because he wanted to make a career as accountant specialist. He realized though during the in France compulsory internship that this was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He already dances and gave classes at the same time and realized that it was hard for him to manage the accountant job and the attendance at festivals at the same time. He often had to take Fridays and Mondays off for the festivals which was hard to arrange in his job. He decided to quit his accountant job and to focus to one hundred percent on the dance and the teaching.

Development from Salsa to Kizomba

Like many other dancers, he was first Salsa and Bachata teacher (as of 2001). Doumb, who taught initially only Cuban Salsa learned about the NY style on a travel to the USA. It was love at first sight and he started teaching also this dance style. He experienced a similar development with the prevalent Kizomba styles. Initially he learned traditional Kizomba and Tarraxa from Portugal and he loves the smooth movements of these styles. He also really likes the modern style and combines both to “Kizomba Fusion”. At the same time, he incorporates other dances, e.g. his partner incorporates movements from “Contemporary”. He loves it to play with music and styles. For him, not only one or the other exists. The most important is that the movements match the music and that it feels good.

On festivals, he exclusively taught Salsa at the beginning. At that time, only the first renown Kizomba teachers from the first generation taught Kizomba on Salsa festivals.

Doumb started teaching Kizomba in 2008 in Bordeaux. Soon he was very successful and moved to Paris shortly after. There he taught in a location called “Bateau” and other locations. Very soon after he started teaching Kizomba he was only booked for Kizomba classes by festival organizers.

Doumb about the development of the Kizomba „generations“:

Highly renown Kizomba teachers like Petchu, Kwenda Lima, Avelino Chantre und Tomas Keta belong to the “first generation”. Many of the present Kizomba stars learned their first steps from the teachers of this generation. After them, already the first Kizomba dance groups like „Afrolatin Connection“ emerged on the international dance floors.

The “second generation” presented people like Doumb himself, Albir Rojas, Tony Pirata, Morenasso and others. Quickly, other stars like Felicien & Isabell or Curtis followed and aleady introduced first novelties into the dance.

The „third generation“ with dancers like Enah introduced the so-called „Urban Kizomba“, a new and harder style.  Until today, the “Urban Kizz” style has developed radically and also leads to quickly increasing number of new teachers in the Kizomba world.

Doumb’s advice to the dancers:

„Stop always wanting to be the best. Nobody will be the best. Whoever understands that will finally start enjoying the dance.”

The 4 most important tipps:

Watch out for your partner! Adapt to the level of your partner!

Forget the audience. Dance to enjoy, not to brag

Listen to the music!

Pay attention to the space and the dancers around you

Thereby he emphasizes the importance of the connection with the dance partner.

His advice to the women: don’t guess and don’t try to predict. Wait for the actual lead of the man.

His advice to the men: learn your steps and combinations before you dance them on the dancefloor. Lead clearly but smooth and soft (not rough!). A light and smooth lead is sufficient!

His advice to all: listen to the music, adapt your style to the music (hard urban steps don’t fit to happy Semba music or romantic Kizomba).

If women and men heed this advice, the result will be the perfect dance. A dance that both enjoy.


Doumb around the world – 2017 you meet Doumb on the following events

29. September – 2. Oktober – Tchuna International Kizomba Festival, Frankreich

6.-9. Oktober – Berlin Salsa Congress, Deutschland

15.-20. November – Paris Kizomba Congress, Frankreich

14.-18. Dezember – X-Mas Gala Kassel

Doumb’s festival recommendations:

  • Obviously the „Suave“ festival (Paris, end of January) under his own direction
  • X-Mas Gala Kassel (well organized, familial and warm-hearted)

Generally, Doumb recommends rather medium sized festivals. If festivals are too big, you lose each other, it’s more difficult to have conversations and people are more stressed. Of course, we go to festivals to dance but also to meet friends and to communicate.

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