Interview mit Kizomba Stars Daniel und Jasmin

Demeter gardener, performance swim, the azores and cold showers. How does that fit together? I met Daniel and Jasmin, who tour to festivals as Kizomba teachers in whole Europe since November 2015, at a small event in Horb am Neckar. I used the opportunity to ask the two Kizomba young stars about their origin, their plans and tips for dancers.

Ballett classes at the age of three

Jasmin discovered her passion for dance already at the age of three when she took her first ballet classes. She danced ballet until she got into a defiant phase at the age of 13, when she broke out into a completely new direction. She became performance swimmer and participated in competitions. Who would have assumed that?

With 16, Jasmin was drawn back to dance though and attended the usual standard dance courses. She immediately developed a big enthusiasm for it. Her goal was clear pretty soon – she needed to do formation dance! Quickly she realized her ambition and danced latin dances, amongst other also competition dance. This part of her dance career ended when her dance partner moved abroad. Since she already danced Salsa and Bachata, she first encountered Kizomba about two and a half years ago in Paris. She was hooked immediately and learned Kizomba on parties and festivals. Her longstanding dance education and experience in ballett and latin dances helped her a lot and you can see it in her smooth lady styling.

By the way, in her normal life Jasmin is consultant at Ernst & Young and she models occasionally. So, she is not only pretty and a great dancer, no, she also has brains.

From organic gardening to professional dancing

Did you know? Daniel was Demeter gardener for 7 years until he decided to become a full-time dance teacher. But how did he even end up with Kizomba? Daniel’s family emigrated to the Azores. Years later in Germany, he discovered Salsa at the age of 20. He immediately detected his passion for dance.  He also found out about Kizomba and immediatly he knew: „I want to do that!” He quickly learned Kizomba and developed his ambition to teach. The first opportunity to teach was provided to him at the „Kizomba Kings Festival“ in Strassbourg. He gave his first class together with Jasmin in 2015 at the „Kizomba Festival Stuttgart“. Since his dance partner was prevented for other reasons, he spontaneously wrote to Jasmin, with whom he danced already several times on festivals, and asked her if she wanted to teach with him. Since then the two tour together as dance couple under the name “Daniel & Jasmin

When asked, if he also thinks about the future as full-time dancer, Daniel admits that naturally these thoughts come up frequently. Especially when it comes to family planning. The life as artist means many travels especially on weekends. This requires a lot of tolerance and trust.

Clear and structured lessons

Daniel & Jasmin’s workshops are clear and structured. This is very important to them. They don’t only teach sequences of steps but also the technique. Furthermore, it’s important to them to explain it comprehensibly. It’s not enough to explain the steps, they also explain the proper leading and necessary signals in order to lead the woman. They also explain a lot for the women, amongst other things how the woman can support the man and how she can apply ladies styling properly. The part of the woman is unfortunately often neglected in classes of other teachers since there is a stronger focus on the leading of the man.

A good atmosphere is also very important to them in their classes. They want the people to have fun and to have a great experience.

All these qualities and a good promotion inevitably bring success. Daniel & Jasmin are almost every weekend on festivals and smaller events. With that, is there any time left for other hobbies? Hardly. Most of their time goes into dancing. In their little free time, they meet family and friends. When asked if it’s sometimes too much for them, both answer “No” without hesitation. Dancing is their passion. On festivals, they usually stay until the party ends and they just accept the lack of sleep, even if they have to give the first workshop in on the next day’s morning. How to make yourself fit for the early morning class? Daniel’s solution: he always takes cold showers!

Tipps for dancers

Go dancing as often as you can. Go to events and dance with many different dancers and different styles. That makes you flexible and it improves your dancing.

Listen to the music! Especially the male dancers. This improves your musicality. While listening, imagine how you would dance to this song. Music can become predictable and your body learns with time to react to it quicker.

Find your creativity and your own style

Pay attention to a good connection & feeling

Daniel often dances the female part and he likes to ask dance teachers for that. It is a good practice in order to understand the female part better and in order to be able to explain better. Daniel & Jasmin both like to give tips to the women. And anyhow, Daniel cuts a fine figure as female dancer.

Traditional vs. Urban

Daniel & Jasmin are relaxed concerning the discussion about dance styles. There will always be developments and that’s good. The “traditional” dances shouldn’t talk down on the developments and the “modern” ones shouldn’t claim that theirs is better and totally intuitive. The origin is important and we should all respect each other. Dancing is a part of human life and it’s their for everyone. It should be fun and no reason for discussions.

Development of the Kizomba scene

Kizomba will keep on booming. Especially, it will fully spill over to Asia, America and South America. At the moment, it’s extreme how many new festivals and teachers appear. At some point, there will be an oversaturation and not everyone will “survive” then. None of the two believes that Kizomba will see a declining development. Kizomba will be worldwide a permanent feature in the dancing world.

Recommendations for festivals

For Jasmin, the Luxemburg Kizomba Festival is a highlight and a clear recommendation, since the Social Dance is especially good.

Daniel recommends especially to the male dancers the festivals in eastern Europe like Zagreb, Moskau etc. Male dancers are especially welcome in  eastern Europe and the ladies have very good dancing skills.


Daniel & Jasmin are young but very professional dance teachers who spice up their workshops with a lot of good mood and humor. They manage to meet their students at their level and to balance out the compromise of different dance levels. All thumbs up from my side!

On which festivals can you meet Daniel & Jasmin??

9.-11. Juni – Bachateando Nürnberg, Deutschland

16.-19. June – Touch Kizomba Weekend, Frankreich

16.-19. June – Strasbourg Bachata Festival, Frankreich

20.-24. July – Salsa Festival Hamburg, Deutschland

27.-31. July – Paris Kizomba Connection, Frankreich

12.-15. August – Salsa&Sensual Nature

8.-10. September – Marrakech Salsa Congress

22.-24. September – Kiz’n Your Nancy Festival

6.-8. October – Berlin Salsa Congress

27.-29.  October – Straßbourg Kizomba Kings Festival

2.-6. November – Kizomba Festival Stuttgart, Deutschland

1-3. December – Latin Festival Stuttgart

29.-31. December –Paris New Year Eve’s Festival


Daniel & Jasmin’s contact details can be found in our Kizz-Index.

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