„Mudd’s“ – a new label of dance clothes offers Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Hoodies as well as Leggings and some other products. It promises a creative design and good quality. Is it any good? There is not much experience yet with the relatively new label, which was created and brought into being by textile designer Andreas Altmann. KizzMag took a closer look at the products and tested them extensively.

Visual inspection and test

Impatiently we unwrapped our test package. Each of us received two tank tops with a print on both sides and leggings with prints on both legs.

  • Female tank top
    Tanzbekleidung MuddsMaterial: 65% polyester, 35% viscose (tinged with grey: 91% Polyester, 9% cotton)

    brand: Bella

    Quality: light cloth: 125 g/m² (tingled colors: 120 g/m²)

    Print: front and back possible

  • Kizomba Leggings
    Tanzbekleidung Mudds, Kizomba LeggingsMaterial: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

    Quality: soft, sturdy textile (180 g/m²)

    Elastic waistbund

    Print: possible on both sides

First impression: The shirts are soft and made of a quite delicate fabric. The print looks good and seems to have a high quality on a first glance. We also like the design. Taking a closer look at the inside we see neatly sewed stitches, that seem to be quite solid. The cut is even and the colors exactly as expected when ordered.

The leggings have a soft cloth and are relatively thin. They are as neatly produced as the shirts and the print comes into its own just as well on them.

Wearing comfort and quality

The Tank Tops are very comfortable to wear due to the light and air-permeable cloth. They are especially nice to wear at a high room temperature and during physical exercise, as you hardly feel them.  The cut is very sporty so we recommend them especially for dance classes, workshops, social dance and more casual parties.

The leggings are as well soft and comfortable to wear and therefore just as recommendable at high room temperatures as the Tank Tops. This is at the same time the only disadvantage though. Due to the thin cloth the pants are a bit transparent so we recommend to wear panties underneath. In our opinion it would be recommendable to use a less transparent material, even if that’s on the expense of the lightness. Andreas already asked for alternative proposals for less transparent materials from the manufacturer.


Good quality can only be proofed after several wash cycles. It’s annoying if you realize the material is shrinking or skewed or the print is crumbling. This is definitely not the case here, as we can see after several wash cycles. The dance clothes came almost like new out of the washing mashine. We were most worried about the quality of the print. But it is still solid and complete after washing it many times.

This was a real positive surprise for us since such a high quality is not self-evident at a price range of 18 – 45€. We pay often way more for the well-known sports labels for not always such a good quality.

The Shop

In 2016 Mudd’s brought their first pieces onto the online market. Their advantage? The possibility to individually design the dance clothes! All of the pieces can be individually designed in the „T-Shirt Designer“. You can choose different colors, designs, cuts and sizes, as well as where to place the print (front or back side, legs or arms, etc). All of this is easily and quickly done. The online shop is clearly arranged and focusses on a few but well-chosen products. It’s also easy to filter the categories, as you can also bags and other accessories are offered. Furthermore, you can filter by male and female products.

Important product characteristics are well described and they also mention if certain pieces are a bit smaller or larger than the standard sizes. A measurements table for every piece completes the offer.

The costs for the single print areas is easy to find so it’s easy to calculate what the piece will cost in the end.

Mudds onlinehsop

The creative mind behind „Mudd’s“ – Andreas Altmann

Andreas thought the different textile designs through for a long time. His fable? A special choice for sporty dance clothes. His focus is clearly on Kizomba. He does serve other ballroom dances like Tango and Quickstep as well, though. Is something missing in his selection, you can always directly ask for it. Andreas then thinks about new designs and supports in any creative question concerning apparel.


  • Individual adjustment of all pieces: design, size, color
  • Good material quality – light and comfortable to wear
  • Very good value for money
  • Good stability and quality oft he prints – also after several wash cycles
  • Great stability – textile and stitching well processed
  • Individual orders and special requests are possible


  • Leggings: slightly transparent due to the thin material


Very recommendable dance clothes, especially for the Kizomba Scene. Tight leggings are almost mandatory by now because they emphasize the soft Kizomba moves. For comfort and processing of material we give 5 stars. For the textile quality we give 3 stars because of the transparency of the leggings. We hope for a non-transparent alternative to be offered soon.

5 stars are given for the super comfortable Tank Tops, that are soft on the skin. We can’t image our wardrobes without them anymore and with them you can proudly show to be a true Kizombie.

Overall a great creation of beautiful Kizomba clothes, with the certain extra.

The whole sort you will find in Mudds Onlineshop.