A Kizomba highlight was offered on 17th August in Pratteln, near Basel in Switzerland. Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata were offered with excellent DJs, complemented by Kizomba and Bachata workshops, a familiar atmosphere and a unique location. Find out here why you shouldn’t miss the next event.

Urban Kiz with holiday feeling

Bachata Workshop by Sabrina & Martin

Last year in August, the first outdoor Kizomba party was held at aquabasilea in Pratteln, a 13,000 m² adventure pool. The outdoor area with outdoor pool and pool bar is exclusively rented for the pool party by Linda Salsa dance school owner Oran Krasniqi and KiZz U – Underground Kizomba owner Hoc Chau. Guests can also jump into the pool at any time, drift on flamingo swimming tires or dance on gentle douceur songs in the water. This gives you a holiday feeling and lets you relax immediately.

In any case, everything what a dancers heart desires was offered. Before the party there were two parallel workshops; Kizomba Ladystyling with Christiane Schiel and a Bachata Sensual Workshop with Sabrina & Martin. Afterwards it was possible to dance on a Salsa and Bachata dance floor as well as Urban Kiz at every free spot in the outdoor area. Besides the actual dance floor with wooden floor, the guests also danced around the pool. DJ Valet and DJ JJ proved a good feeling for the audience and convinced with their sets.

Family atmosphere and professional organization

The atmosphere was very familiar and personal, which created a great atmosphere among the guests, not to forget the highly professional organization by Hoc and Oran, who have already organized several events in aquabasilea. For years they have been a well-rehearsed team that can rely on each other. Oran offers Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba in his dance school, Hoc complements with his label KiZz – U Underground Kizomba a huge network in the Kizomba scene and brings world class Kizomba artists to Basel. Far away from airs and graces or the need for constant self-presentation, the Basel boys are primarily interested in high-quality projects with a pleasant audience. That’s exactly what they did at this pool party, because all guests went home with a smile on their faces and had to be encouraged to leave at the end of the party. Hoc and Oran are there with their hearts and do not organise the events for the sake of money. Therefore a part of the surplus is donated to charities.

Quality has its price

Despite excellent DJs and a world class location the desired number of participants could not be reached. This was probably due to the entrance fee of 25 Swiss francs and the fact that around 80 people wanted to be put on the free guest list. Hoc was a bit unhappy and had to reject the requests consistently. These guests stayed away. “It is not fair to let some people pay and others come to the party free of charge. In addition, we have to pay admission to the location for every participant, no matter if DJ, artist or other guests. It is an exclusive party in an exclusive location that has its price.” Others took long ways to visit the exclusive party and recognized its value. The admission was worth the party and we all know that the especially “good” things in life are not free of charge.

Big event planned for 2020

Hoc, Oran + Silvia (Linda Salsa)

All in all, the two role model organizers are nevertheless satisfied. “The mood is good, the people are satisfied and the weather has held up. We are happy”. In addition to the parties at aquabasilea, other party series such as the “White Night” and “Night of Kizz & Salsa or live concerts are also offered. They are also planning a big and special event next year, also at aquabasilea. We can be curious. If you want to keep up to date, you can visit the Facebook page KiZz U – Underground Kizomba or www.lindasalsa.com .

KizzMag was happy to be there and is looking forward to further high-quality events in and around Basel.



It should be a cozy party with about 80 guests to celebrate his comeback with friends in Frankfurt. Narc6’s Non-Stop Kizomba & Comeback Party, however, quickly developed into a larger dimension that he himself had not expected. Read below why it was one of the highest quality, but also one of the hottest parties of this year.

Return to Frankfurt

Narc6 released his event at the end of June. It was the first event he organized entirely himself. There was no time for this during his studies, especially since he lived in Munich for 6 months. This should change with the return to Frankfurt / Gießen. Since the inauguration of Motsi Mabuse’s dance school, he and the Let’s dance juror are working together. Narc6 is responsible for the monthly Urban Kiz partys in the dance school.

Workshops, Social and Party

Chrissi & Kalypso NeverEnough. foto: KizzMag

The Non-Stop Comeback Party is his own event and was close to his heart. He wanted to make a statement: “I’m back! And that’s right!” 80 guests were originally planned. Selected workshops during the day, primarily with local teachers who have accompanied and supported him in the scene for years. Among them Lamsca Sagnia with Christine Kira, Lio Frei, Archi Roots and Kalypso NeverEnough from Switzerland. Chrissi, who also supported during the partner workshops in addition to her lady styling workshop, represented the female power. During the battle “men vs. women styling” both genders showed what they could do.

Perfect balance man / woman

DJ Malick, DJ Narc6. foto: PhotoartEichin

As DJs he got strong support from DJ Malick from France, DJ Harryz Kizz and DJ Archi Roots and of course he himself was also on the turntables. Already during the social dance they gave real power. The party in the gold-black look as well as the after-party until 5 o’clock in the morning completed the daily program. But that’s not enough. Narc6, in addition to supporting local artists and DJs, also attaches great importance to a good male/female balance. Regularly he checked the participant statistics, responded promptly to imbalance and invited outstanding taxi dancers to compensate. The result – a perfect balance between man and woman.

In the end, due to the concept and the professional advertising, well over 100 guests from all over came from Stuttgart, Munich, France, Switzerland and of course Frankfurt itself. The atmosphere was excellent, the dancing level very high and nobody had to wait long for a dance. There were two dance floors, one for Urban Kiz and one for Kizomba and Semba.

Hot outside temperatures could not dampen the mood

The mood could not be dampened, even though the heat was despite the air conditioning almost unbearable. At over 36° degree outside temperature, you know what you have to be prepared for. At such a high temperature, the water consumption was high and the bar even ran out of water towards the end.

If you wanted to save money, you could get the tickets cheaper in advance, because the box office prices were shocking for some guests. 30 € was the price for the evening party without social dance (the advance price was 10€ at the beginning). This was intended though as he wants to encourage the guests to buy tickets in advance. Only then a reasonable male-female balance can be ensured and planned.


A very successful first event by DJ Narc6 as organizer. Overall, the feedback was consistently positive and everyone agrees that there should be more events from and with him. The good news is that the next editions will take place on December 28, 2019 and next year on July 26-27, 2019. We’re already excited!

Non-Stop Kizomba Party

KizombADA Wuppertal stands for Kizomba parties true to the motto “Kizomba @ all Style” with workshops of all styles and changing Dj’s at the parties on Friday and Saturday.

The organizers take good care that the overall package has a great value:

  • 300sqm of parquet dance floor
  • a newly installed sound system and acoustics tuned for Kizomba
  • good value drinks and fair entrance fees (box office 7,00 € plus 3,00 € minimum consumption per person / per party)
  • a restaurant in the lower area with delicious dishes and a reasonably priced menu (vegetarian options available)

The Friday evening special? A Meet & Greet Photo Shoot with Dj Radikal!

KizzMag is happy to participate and – with the entire KizombADA team – looking forward to seeing YOU!

More information: Here

Round about 200 guests did not miss to attend JD’s Kizomba Birthday Party. For the second time he organized his birthday party in the beautiful castle of Karlsruhe with workshops, a show and the party itself with DJ Lenhy from Paris. You will find out here what else the event had to offer.

Noble castle ambience

December 9, 2017 – the illuminated castle shines impressively in front of you as soon as you leave the stairs of the underground car park behind you and see the beautiful building. Even inside there is nothing to moan. The Karlsruhe Palace is probably one of the finest venues in which ever a Kizombaparty took place. High ceilings, elegant architecture and a large foyer provide a unique charm. The floor is also perfect for dancing. No wonder JD has secured this location for his birthday party for the second time.

Before the party started two workshops took place. Juneline from Amsterdam gave a Ladystyle workshop, which is mostly about physical expression. She gave the ladies tips on how to develop their own style and express themselves on the dance floor. She loves to teach this subject. “It’s about more than footsteps and figures.” JD admires her style, especially her musicality – his main reason to invite her to his event.

Afterwards JD & Chrissi held an Urban Kiz Workshop with around 80 participants.

Organizational weaknesses

With a delay of 45 minutes the first workshop with Juneline started and afterwards the second workshop followed. Consequently, the workshop participants and the party guests had to accept this long wait in the foyer, which brought some guests to the limit of their tolerance.

The bar didn’t have enough change which complicated the bartenders work. Thirsty guest with banknotes the did not get far.

Statement of JD Deceus: “Guys, we are really sorry for the workshop delay at our party. This won’t happen again next year, we will be prepared better. We had more women than expected, next time we will organize a better balance. We always want to improve and me and the organization team would be happy for your honest feedback. So we can organize a great next event. Thank you guys.”

DJ Lenhy and his diverse mix

JD Deceus, DJ Lenhy, DJ Narc6

Classic, Urban, Tarraxinha and Semba, pretty much all styles were represented and DJ Lenhy from Paris had the right knack for the audience. He convinced with atmospheric songs and clean mixes and the Kizomberos and Kizomberas wanted to dance the whole night. Unfortunately, the surplus of women did not make it easy for the ladies to dance enough. Experienced and great taxi dancers from e.g. Frankfurt and Munich were invited, but they could not make up for the high surplus. Next year more taxi dancers should be invited.

Show premiere JD Deceus & Nadezda

As announced, JD Deceus & Nadezda performed their show, which consisted of kizomba, ballet and freestyle elements. An expressive performance that impressed the guests and that was rewarded with great applause. The two began to work on their show already at the Frankfurt Summer Festival and they can be proud of their performance.

The guests enjoyed the party until the last song that at about 4 o’clock when also the last guests got on their way home.


Overall a great party in a fantastic location and with a superb DJ. The organization, especially the timing and the bar, are worth optimizing. If the surplus of women can be regulated by inviting more taxi dancers, it will be one of the finest events in the Karlruhe area. Certainly, JD will celebrate his birthday next year and will improve the organization.


Facebook-Bilder zur Party: Hier

Video zur Show: Hier

On November 18th 2017, the second Kloster-Kizz Party took place in Horb am Neckar. This new Kizomba Party that takes place seldom on the edge of the black forest hits especially the taste of those who prefer small and familial events. The event organizer is a small nonprofit organization which enjoys great popularity in the region in shortest time. Why? We reveal their success formula.

Report: Eva Fischer

Kizomba in a monastery?

At a location in a monastery we initially don’t automatically think of hot Kizomba and Salsa rhythms. The beautiful location makes the events in Horb, though. The room in a charming cellar-vault, great dancefloor and good sound as well as lighting offers the right atmosphere for dancing and relaxing. But how did Kizomba find its way to Horb in the first place? Horb is a small, rural town in the north of the Black Forest and Kizomba was not known there until 2 years ago.

The initiator is the nonprofit organization „Saltango – Tango Argentino & Salsa Nagold e.V.“, which is active since 2009. The organization consists of two departments – Salsa and Tango. Both pursue the goal to carry on the culture of the dances. On Tuesdays the members of the organization meet for a Salsa and Kizomba class followed by a chance to practice in the monastery Horb.

The motivation behind it? „The people come every Tuesday, often with worries and somehow stiff from work and when they go home at 11 p.m. they are relaxed and happy.” This is a way to make social contacts but also to move and stay fit.

Since fall 2016 they organize in addition to the regular salsa parties also pure kizomba parties, always with high quality workshops beforehand


The concept of Horb

At the beginning only five members visited the Kizomba practice parties. This

That was unsatisfactory and the responsible organizors thought about a concept to push Kizombapartys in Horb. Their idea was to invite external teachers. Already at their third event with JD&Chrissi their event was sold out in advance. The visitors came from Stuttgart, Heilbronn, Ravensburg and even Munich.

The organization in Horb follows a promising concept:

  • The Location: The old Franciscan monastery offers diverse events under the lead of the „Projekt Zukunft e.V.“ (“project future”) association, amongst other things theatre plays and hosts the Salsa department from the beginning. There is a nice small restaurant with good food in the same building. The old masonry creates a very special and unique atmosphere in the appropriate lighting.
  • Ratio male-female: It’s not much fun standing at the edge of the dance floor and waiting to find a free dancer. Therefore, it is an elementary part of the concept to pay attention to a balanced ratio between male and female dancers. “We want everyone to be able to dance and to go home happy.”
  • Number of guests: Also, care is taken to ensure that a maximum number of participants is not exceeded. The guests should not step on each other’s feet or having to dance on a crowded dancefloor.

The success speaks for itself. The number of members is growing, as well as the number of guests at the parties. The familiarity of the events and the location exploded literally last year. “In the meantime, one can speak of ‘exclusivity status’. If you want to be there, you have to secure your ticket on time. If the event is sold out, there will be no box office.”


„Kizomba im Kloster“ with JD and Chrissi 

On November 18th 2017, JD & Chrissi offered the participants a demanding, but also amusing and entertaining 2-hour workshop. The male-female ratio was exactly balanced during the workshop with the help of two host ladies. To the music of DJ Harryz triggered good dancing mood.

JD also found only positive words for the event: “I liked the workshop. It was a very good atmosphere, we had fun and there was a lot of energy in the group.” JD liked the location and also praised the organization. “We will always come back with great pleasure.”

Participant and club member Katrin also found only positive words. She enjoyed a private lesson with JD & Chrissi before the workshop. “Chrissi taught me some Ladies Style. The workshop was very informative and definitely worth the money. It’s a good idea to take some private classes when there is an opportunity.” She likes the fact that the organization offers such events in Horb, and she is grateful that there are people who get so involved and invite teachers to Horb. “Everything here is rather small and familiar. That’s pleasant.”

What’s next?

Black Forest Kizomba Days 2018 from February 16th – 18th 2018.

The monastery has two more rooms next to the theater hall. 15 workshops will be offered in Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz and Tarraxinha as well as a social event on Saturday afternoon. In addition, there will be two parties on Friday and Saturday evening. There is a strict limitation of passes also at this event. A reasonable number of male and female taxi dancers are invited, as well as 7 artist couples and 6 DJs. The partner hotel is right next door, two other accommodations are within walking distance.

They plan to offer the well-known quality and balance. All guests should have a great experience and go home happy. “Since we have no commercial purpose as a nonprofit association, we can use all our energy and revenue to create an incomparable Kizomba event. We also want to make Kizomba even better known in this rural area. ”

KizzMag wishes you a lot of success and will also be there in February.

Next Kizomba Events in Horb in 2018:

  • February 16th – 18th – Black Forest Kizomba Days
  • May 5th 2018 – Kloster-Kizz with Stone’s & Sabine
  • October 20th 2018 – Kloster-Kizz with Joany & Petroula
  • December 1st 2018 – Kloster-Kizz (still in planning phase)

Since 2013, Frankfurt’s Kizomba scene meets once a month on a Sunday in their Kizomba Café. You rarely get coffee and cake there, but instead a variety of Workshops, great DJs and up to 150 guests, some of which come from quite a distance. You can find out here why it is worth the effort.

“There wasn’t anything going on on Sundays…”

“There was no opportunity to dance Kizomba on Sundays in Frankfurt“ Sónia the founder of Kizomba Café told us. She wanted to fix this drawback. She searched for a suitable location for quite a while. At the beginning, she rented a dance school in Frankfurt for her event, after a short time the event took place in a Turkish restaurant and finally she decided that the “Kulturfabrik Frankfurt” in Sachsenhausen was the right location. The first events attracted around 20-30 people, which was a nice start but not the goal. Frankfurt has quite a bigger potential after all. Mannheim, Gießen, Marburg, Fulda, Würzburg, Heidelberg, Darmstadt as well as Mainz and Wiesbaden are not far away.

Diverse program

That is why she does not only organize parties. Sónia also offers a broad variety of workshops. For special events, she invites external trainers, most recently George from Munich who taught interesting steps in three workshops at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. She emphasizes the importance of a balanced male / female ratio during the workshops so nobody has to wait. This elevates the guests’ mood and proves a good organization. During the specials, she also invites taxi dancers to a “healthy” degree in order to ensure balance and a great dancing mood. Sónia herself is also a taxi dancer and active in many places like Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Linz, Vienna as well as Frankfurt and its surroundings. She always takes up the leading part.

The resident DJanes Magic Sunshine (since 2013) and AngelKizz (since 2016) offer something for every taste but Sónia also regularly invites guest DJs from the region.

Local hangout: „DIE FABRIK Kulturwerk Frankfurt“

The location is in Frankfurt am Main. A room like a vaulted cellar offers an incomparable underground feeling and thus sets itself apart from many normal clubs. There is enough space and in the meantime, between 100 and 150 guests find their way to the monthly Kizomba Café. In the context of a special, Sónias Kizomba Café was even guest at Motsi Mabuse’s Taunus dance school on October 15th 2017.

Fundraising event

We want to emphasize the organizer’s cordial and affectionate manner. There is a lot of heart in the whole thing. Her focus for the Kizomba Café is to spend a nice evening with great people. The commercial goals are less important. Her recent fundraising event proves this. When the devastating fires raged in Portugal, her home country, she donated the full revenue of the last event to a family who has lost all their belongings in the fires. All thumbs up for this commitment from our side.

What’s up next?

The next party will take place on December 10. Alongside resident DJane AngelKizz, DJane Magic Sunshine will provide the best Kizomba entertainment. Aris from Koblenz will give an Urban Kiz Workshop at intermediate level from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. The Workshop only costs 4€ and the party admission is 6€ to be paid at the door.

In April 2018, there will be the 5-year anniversary. One thing is for sure, Sónia will come up with something special in order to ensure a great dance evening for her regular guests and Kizomba lovers. We are already excited and we promise to inform you about the event upfront.

Her own dance school, that was always Motsi Mabuse’s dream. She is well-known through the German dance show “Let’s dance” on RTL. On September 2nd 2017 her dream came true. She wanted Kizomba to be part of her offer and therefore she invited JD & Chrissi, two internationally well-known Kizomba artists, to be her partner. We met Motsi in her dance school in Eschborn (Frankfurt), took a look at the school and her offer and report about it in the following article.

Interview with Motsi

Motsi, you were an active Standard-Latin-dancer and you became famous far beyond the dance scene through the RTL show „Let’s dance“. What motivated you to open your own dance school?

It was always my goal. During our active dancing times we were on tour a lot, we performed or trained. But you don’t really earn a lot of money with this. I love the dance and made my passion my profession. Furthermore, I wanted a second mainstay.

How was your path to your own dance school? Were there any obstacles?

I started my active search four years ago. I had many problems to find the right space in Frankfurt that is suitable for all dance styles. That was very important for us as we worked for a long time on our current concept.

Next to the well-known ballroom and latin dances you offer also special courses like West Coast Swing or Urban Kiz. How did you come up with this idea?

I fell in love with the different dance styles. They are lots of fun!

What do you like most about Urban Kiz?

I love Urban Kiz! I danced it a few years ago in South Africa and already decided there that I absolutely want to teach it in our dance school.

Do you dance Kizomba yourself?

I’m a huge fan and I am learning, so… yes! J

For Urban Kiz you hired two internationally well-known external trainers. How did this cooperation start?

JD & Chrissi approached us when we started searching for dance teachers. I think they are both very likable and very good teachers.

Which regular Urban Kiz courses do you offer?

Every Tuesday from 7 – 8:30 p.m. a beginner class and from 8:30 – 10:00 p.m.m an advanced class. Unfortunately, JD & Chrissi can only come on Tuesdays that’s why our Kizomba night is always on Tuesdays.

You organize a monthly Kizomba Party with well-known DJs – what can we look forward to?

I always look forward to these parties in my school. Today on Halloween we invited DJ Narc6 and on November 28th DJ Lenhy from Paris.


Partyreview – Halloweenparty on October 31st 2017 with DJ Narc6


The dance school

Motsi Mabuse HalloweenSince September 2017 “Motsi Mabuse’s Taunus Tanzschule” is located on the 9th floor in the middle of an industrial area in Eschborn.  It offers a breath-taking 360° view onto Frankfurt and its surroundings. Especially at night, when the lights glow in the dark, you almost rather take a look out of the window than to focus on your dance. Two big wall mirrors, a great foyer with a big bar and seats as well as a cloakroom is offered by the dance school as well as their attention to detail. Thus the dance school was decorated entirely in Halloween style to create just the right mood. Just the high beverage prices were a bit shocking gut maybe not unusual for a big city. A cuba libre costs 7,50 € and a coce 3,10 €.

Workshop with JD & Chrissi

JD Chrissi Kizomba JD & Chrissi gave their Urban Kiz Workshop (open level) before the party from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. The participants brought very different skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The ratio was quite balanced with just a very small surplus of women. More than 50 people participated in the Workshop, before the official party with DJ began at 9:00 p.m..

Kizombaparty with DJ Narc6

More than 125 guests arrived from all over the place: Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Mannheim – even a dancer from East Frisia found her way to Motsi Mabuse‘s Kizomba Party. Narc6 played a diversified mix, from soft sounds up to harder Tarraxa-Beats he offered something for every taste. He has a knack for the audience and adapts his music accordingly. The atmosphere was very personal and jolly. A true feel-good program for the Kizomba soul. Even after the official end of the party at 1p.m. the people kept on dancing.

Our conclusion

A great dance school with a diverse offer and a set Kizomba program, lead with lots of love by Motsi and her husband Evgenij, who are both present at their parties. The location on the upper floor of a multi-storey building with the view over Frankfurt expresses a lot of charme. All thumbs up from our side. KizzMag looks forward to coming back.

Don’t miss it!  – the next events takes place on November 28th with DJ Lenhy from Paris.



Party video

Feel the fire“ – DJ Rico and DJ RnKizz proudly present their party with this slogan. A new party series in Stuttgart which was dedicated solely to Kizomba on September 30th 2017. With a great location, one of the best Kizomba DJ’s and cheerful guests the “Siente el Fuego goes Kizomba” was a great success.


The organizers

Siente el FuegaThanks to Mihaela Glaser and Rob Imran, DJ Rico and DJ RnKizz (Ajhan) gave their debut performance in the Havanna Bar Stuttgart on Tuesday evenings with a fresh mix of Bachata and Kizomba. The concept was paying off and the “BachaTuesday” is by now a well-known regular party in Stuttgart. In the meantime, Rico is one of the most popular Salsa and Bachata DJs in the greater Stuttgart area and beyond. Also, Ajhan becomes more and more well-known in the Kizomba worlds as DJ RnKizz with his interesting and diversified mix.

The two guys are truly in tune with one another and they quickly realized that they wanted to do more. They couldn’t let go of the idea of their own party series anymore.


Concept and location

They created a concept – not only another salsa party. The parties should have themes – within the genres Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Raggaeton. Furthermore, the parties should take place in a great location.  They started their search. A business colleague of Rico made them finally aware of the SI-Zentrum in Stuttgart. “The upper floor of the Phantombar could be the right place”. “Backstage” is the name of this upper part and it offers next to a sufficiently large dancefloor with a suitable floor also a great ambience and an own bar.

They started on April 29th. With DJ York as well-known guest DJ with a focus on Bachata the party series started into its first round. More than 400 guests didn’t want to miss out on this event which took place on 2 dancefloors. Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Raggaeton was on that night.

The main party always takes place in the “Backstage” area (upper floor). In the Phantombar they offer additionally until midnight a second dancefloor with additional Salsa-Bachata or Kizomba music and additionally they play Raggaeton and Latin Music which attract also people who don’t dance any of the other dances. There is no entrance fee for the “Phantombar” after midnight. This should be considered by those who are looking explicitly for Kizomba parties. If they play Kizomba in the Phantombar it’s over after midnight.


The Party

But this didn’t happen at the third edition „Siente el fuego goes Kizomba“ with DJ Saï Saï – where Kizomba was the central theme. “Kizomba was virgin soil for us and we asked some experienced Kizomba people for advice” said Rico, who was curious about the reactions to their first Kizomba party. After all there was in parallel the KizombaInvasion in Frankfurt to which pulled a lot of people from Stuttgart.  But with a great location and a top Deejay like DJ Saï Saï half the battle is already won. The party was very well organized, the directions and tips for parking as well as how to save some of the parking fee were well described on the event page.

The atmosphere was outstanding and the guests in their best dancing mood. DJ Saï Saï and DJ RnKizz put on the best of Kizomba Music you can currently get. As usual there were more women than men – but for this the taxidancers KBS Kizomba Brigade Stuttgart were in action. Guests like Dana from Munich, Joany & Petroula as well as José & Andrea from Switzerland mingled with the dancing crowd. Over 250 guests came from Karlsruhe, Munich and of course the greater area of Stuttgart to the “Siente el Fuego” Party despite the strong competition in Frankfurt.

The two newcomer organizers did everything right and can look back onto a very successful event. All guests whose opinion we asked for were enthusiastic and will join their next event. Since this is not a regular monthly event but will take place only every couple of months, it’s additionally something “special” to look forward to. No matter if Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba.


In a nutshell

  • great location and great dance floor
  • Star DJ
  • Value for money: entrance fee 10 € (free entry only in Phantombar after midnight)
  • Great atmosphere
  • Advantage parking garage: location reachable in less than one minute
  • Room downstairs only until midnight:  afterwards change to general party music (Latin, Reaggeaton, RnB, etc.)
  • Best parking situation: fee based parking garage, reduced parking ticket at Phantombar (6€ instead of 8€ – in September 17)
  • Smoking allowed, nevertheless good air


Parking in parking garage P2– at the bar you get a parking ticket for 6€ instead of 8€.

For pure Kizomberos/as we recommend to wait for the Kizomba edition. When the party has another theme the Kizomba floor is in the Phantombar and changes to Latin Music and Raggaeton at midnight.


Thumbs up from our side! The „Siente el Fuego“ Kizomba edition can be highly recommended, also for guests from outside Stuttgart. It’s not decided yet when the next „Siente el Fuego“ Kizomba edition will take place. You will find it in our event calendar as soon as the date is set or directly on facebook


On every fourth Saturday of the month, Stuttgart’s first Kizomba dance school „Afromoves“ organizes a Kizomba party with changing DJs and workshops. It’s not only the mix of classical and modern Kizomba that makes this party enjoyable. Find out more in this review!

workshop & party

May 27th 2017 at Café “myemy” at Ufa-Palast Suttgart. As usual, the Kizomba evening starts with a “Just One” Workshop by experienced Afromoves dance teachers, this time with Eva and Chris. This is the last Afromoves Workshop for Eva for the time being. Due to her move to Munich she says “Good Bye” to the Afromoves Team which she supported during the last years as Tony Gomes’ dance partner.

The “Just One” Workshop takes 30 minutes and a short sequence of steps is taught. The Workshop is included in the entrance fee. The party follows right after the Workshop and different DJs are invited. DJ EL.C from Heilbronn was guest DJ this time and presented a diverse mix of classic and modern Kizomba music. Afromoves places importance on variety during their parties. Not only classic, not only urban. It’s the mix that makes the difference. One reason why many guests hit the road even from Munich, Karlsruhe or Frankfurt to come to Stuttgart to this party.

external top acts

afromoves party - noite de kizombaOccasionally “Special Noite” events are organized with external dance teachers like George & Liza from Munich or Karole from Paris, who give their workshops before the party takes place. Top-class DJs like DJ Radikal from Paris or DJ Nheiro are part of the Noite-de-Kizomba repertoire as well. This longstanding Kizomba dance school provides Stuttgart consistently with new surprises. It’s worth it to keep an eye on the event dates and to visit the parties.

The crowd is diverse, the atmosphere is familiar and warm and the vibe hardly lets you leave before the end of the party at 3:00.

Noite de Kizomba – recommendable for everyone who likes variety and a friendly atmosphere.

The next appointments:

August 26th 2017 with guest DJ Narc6 from Gießen

September 23rd 2017 with guest DJ Nheiro from Karlsruhe

November 25th 2017 with Star DJ Radikal from Paris

“KizInvasion Munich” went into its second round this year. Organized and accompanied by a group of taxi dancers, round about 400 Kizomberos and Kizomberas met in the premises of SBZ Fideliopark in Munich to dance on 2 dance floors through the night. Challenging workshops, great DJs, a fantastic atmosphere and an almost unbearable heat characterized the Kizomba event on Easter Sunday 2017.

Young project on high level

Spontaneously I decided to join the “KizInvasion” Event in Munich. About this quite young project I have heard almost only positive things. I arrived after a rainy two hours’ drive. In the daytime, challenging workshops held by various artist were offered, amongst them Doumb from Paris and Daniela from Frankfurt. Stone’s from Bremen and Silvia from Afromoves Stuttgart were VIP guests. As of 2pm the social dance started. You could see the very high level of dancing skills right away, both in the male dancers (probably due to the high number of taxi dancers) and in the female dancers.

Good atmosphere in spite of unattractive location

The big flaw of this event was the location. The ambience itself is already not very spectacular or nice to look at but the temperature and the air in the rooms were quite soon close to unbearable. All guests agreed on this point. No matter if men or women, nobody’s clothes stayed dry. In order to take care of the climate and airing, the windows had to be opened several times. Since the location is based in a residential area, the music had to be turned off then to avoid noise disturbance for the neighbors. Thus, the dancers were disturbed in their dance regularly.

The live performance of Martina Flei, who impressively accompanied the music with her violine, was a beautiful complement. Unfortunately, also here the beautiful atmosphere was regularly disturbed since every single song was announced separately. It would have been more beneficial to the atmosphere to announce the artist only once and to thank her at the end of the performance. It would have been also nice, to let her perform on a pedestal, so that guests could see her better. She stood in front of the DJ and only persons nearby could see her. Nevertheless, the performance of Martina added the certain something to the music.

Despite the unbearable heat and the occasional disruptions, it was a successful party with a very high dancing standard. It was fun, the music was balanced and the organization was professional and didn’t let the dancers go short on anything. A “real” Kizombero don’t be undeterred by a high temperature. After four in the morning I lost my energy and finished dancing. The others were still in good mood atmosphere and didn’t stop dancing until sunrise.


  • good organization

  • Softdrink-Flatrate incl. + African food

  • high dancing level

  • Top DJs und artists

  • 2 Floors (traditionel/Semba, Urban Kizz)

  • Location – temperature too high and unattractive ambience

  • music interruptions

The next Kizombainvasion takes place beginning of June, then for the first time in Stuttgart. We are curious how this party concept will be received in “Schwabenland” and we will of course also attend this event in order to report about it.

KizombaInvasion Stuttgart

Fans of Munich Kizombainvasion can be excited already. The organizers are already searching a new location. We are curious.

A report from Silke Wiedenhöft