Current or popular movie soundtracks often will be used for Kizomba remixes. Several blockbuster soundtracks like “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio, “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” (original title), “Intouchables” or Bittersweet Symphony from “Cruel Intentions” were remixed to Kizomba tracks during the last years. In general remixes of popular Rock or Popsongs are very hip, because they are known from radio or TV. “Love me like you do” soundtrack of 50 Shades of Grey or “Young and Beautiful” soundtrack of The Great Gatsby were very successfull remixes.

Below you’ll find our collocation about good remixes.

  1. Sakis Otravez – Dark Kizomba (movie: Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio)
  2. Gladiator Remix by DJ Sai Sai (movie: Gladiator with Russel Crowe)
  3. Comptine d’un autr été – L’ápres midi (movie: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain)
  4. Ludovico Einaudi – Una Mattina (movie: Intouchables with Omar Sy)
  5. See you again – DJ Ghost (movie: Fast and Furios with Vin Diesel)
  6. DJ Dave – Young and beautiful (movie: The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio)
  7. Elli Golding – Love me like you do (movie: 50 Shades of Grey)
  8. Herdenn te dit – Tiger Dragon (movie: Tiger and Dragon with Chow Yun Fat)
  9. Dj Kakah – Bitter Sweet Symphony (movie: Cruel Intentions with Ryan Phillipe)
  10. Sam Smith – Writings on the wall by DJ Imaginary (movie: James Bond Spectre wiht Daniel Craig)
  11. Adele – Skyfall by DJ michbuze (movie: James Bond Skyfall with Daniel Craig)
  12. Gianni Dee Jay – Take my breath away (movie: Top Gun with Tom Cruise)
  13. DJ Sai Sai – Lion (movie: the Lion King)
  14. DJ Zay’x – The Lion King (movie: The Lion King)
  15. Kizomba Singers – My Heart will go on (movie: Titanic)
  16. DJ Kakah – She’s like the wind (movie: Dirty Dancing)