Until now our website was only available in German language. Now it changes. As of now we offer KizzMag as a bilingual site, German and English. We are working on translation of all sites, but it will take a bit time. Our articles will be translated according to relative relevance.

Thanks a lot to all supporters and contributors. We are still looking for motivated Kizomba fans, who want to be a part of this new project. Wheter festival or party reports, experience reports about dance schools, interviews with artists or other interesting topics. Please contact us or send us directly your article.

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Festival and party guide, Kizomba Blog including reports about festivals and partys, index of dance schools, portraits of artists – only a beginning…

One day I lost my patience. Long research in google, facebook and different dance school sites. But nowhere to find compact and good structured worth knowing datas about this wonderful dance – Kizomba. Freshman soon realise that there are different styles of Kizomba. Traditional, Urban Kiz, Tarraxinha, Semba, Zouk… But what exactly is the difference???!! And where to find such information? Where to find a dance school which offers Kizomba classes?

Which festivals can I join and where are they located? Are they recommendable at all? You can visit up to 200 Kizomba festivals lasting several days  in 2017 round Europe. A big choice.

Many questions, for those you have to research on many different sites on the world wide web. We want to offer all answers and all information about Kizomba on one site – KizzMag.

We offer a detailed festival guide. We researched the web and included Kizomba festivals in Germany and Europe to our guide. In future we will report about different festivals. As user you have also the possibility to send us your festival reports. After checking and after consulting with the organisors we will publish your articles. Especially for “young” festivals we well offer the possibility to present their festivals through our reports. We test the organisation, location, quality of workshops, partys and balance between dancer and dancer.

We will also report about artists, dance schools, dancing trends in our Kizomba online magazine.

For freshman we offer worth knowing datas about Kizomba and its different styles. You can also find different youtube tutorials from basic up to advanced.

Dance schools, organisors, dealer for dance equipment and also artists have several options to present theirselves on our site. Every institution gets a free basic entry. You can choose between different offers up to a premium membership including featured entry, adverts, banner, social media marketing and others. Please contact us for more information. We will find a perfect solution for you.

So let’s start. This is only the beginning, we have a lot more of ideas for KizzMag. If you are interested to join and support our team, please contact us.

Your KizzMag team