Asangi Kizomba Festival celebrated its premiere in Augsburg from October 27th – 29th 2017. A festival for lovers of classical Kizomba which offered classes by qualified Angolan Kizomba teachers who gave various workshops over two days. You will find out in our review what makes the charm of this event and what improvement potentials we still see.

Artists & DJs

The Asangi Kizomba Festival in Augsburg was small but nice. Asangi stands for “variety” and that’s exactly what Joao Dontana offered with his varied program of Afro dances. The invited artists were mainly of Angolan origin, among them e.g. Cazuza Kinvula, Josy Semkizz, Mauro De One and Tony Gomes. They gave the participants predominantly an understanding of classic Kizomba, Semba, traditional African dances but also Fusion. Especially Cazuza and his sheer endless energy provided for exuberant mood with his Rebita (group circle dance), Afro-Tribal and Afro-House. The mix was well received by the guests and we also enjoyed that at this festival offered an alternative to the usual habit of teaching endless figures.
On the turntables, DJ Paps, DJ Ecozinho and Deejay Nino played the right music, both during the daytime after the workshops as well as at the party at night and until the early morning hours. The African flair was underlined by self-cooked African food and the sale of African clothes.

A small festival with African flair

The manageable size with about 40 participants made for a very pleasant, family atmosphere. Over two days, four to five varied workshops were offered per day, creating a good mood amongst the participants. There were always opportunities to dance and practice in a relaxed atmosphere between and after the workshops, which was appreciated by the guests. The male-female ratio was better balanced then at many other festivals and the artists helped each other out in the classes, so the ladies did not have to wait too long during the classes.



Room for improvement

Not only the mood, also the time management was quite relaxed. There were quite a few very spontaneous changes in the program and both artists and guests even found themselves in front of closed doors at times. The guests seemed to be quite relaxed about that – probably the relaxed atmosphere had rubbed off a bit. All organizers know that something unforeseen can happen anytime and it is good also for the guests not to be too annoyed about it. Nonetheless, we would recommend to the organization to pay more attention to its schedule and punctuality next year. Unnecessary waiting times make no sense and is usually not appreciated. Also, the lack of clarity about what happens next is usually not so pleasant, at least for the German mind.

The second mood killer was the location change in the middle of the night. The party started in the workshop location where the music, the dance floor and the atmosphere were good. The organizer also put on a short spontaneous musical life act with Cazuza on the Dikanza (Reco-Reco, an Angolan rhythm instrument) and Tony on the percussions. After that, unfortunately, the location had to be changed, which tore the evening apart a bit. The guests had to drive to the second party location in the city center of Augsburg, which unfortunately had neither a good dance floor nor a pleasant ambience. Once there, it took a while but the good mood recovered fortunately. The guests danced until the early morning hours and they certainly got their money’s worth.



  • Small but nice Kizomba Festival
  • Good, familiar atmosphere amongst participants and artists
  • The focus on Angola and classic Kizomba
  • Quality of artists and DJs, particularly suitable for people who want to learn in a more cozy environment


Suggestions for improvement:

  • Although it is good to relax every now and then and to not always have a look at the watch… we recommend more focus on the organization and a well-planned and accordingly executed program
  • No change of location during the party and a location with a proper dance floor and a nice atmosphere

We like the idea and the philosophy of this festival and we see good potential. This event can be even better next year and still has room for more guests who want to learn and dance classic Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Fusion and traditional Afro dances. We are happy to join again.

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