Interview with Albir Rojas by Eva Fischer

Albir, who is well-known for his special dance style which he combines with Hip Hop elements, talks with us on the Luxembourg Kizomba Festival about the necessity of mutual respect and mutual support between the Kizomba artists who have different dance styles. Furthermore, he tells us about his career up to now and his new project „Randomroots“.

Did you know?

Albir Rojas was a professional and well-known dancer already in his home country Panama. His specialty was first and foremost Hip Hop for which he developed a big passion already at the age of 15 and which he still integrates clearly nowadays in his dance style. Beyond that, he included Jazz and Latin American Dances in his dance repertoire. In order to further develop his dance professionally, he learned ballet techniques and he danced in theatres and even TV shows!

In 2001, he departed for a whole year from the professional dance scene and moved to Madrid in order to study media management. He realized quickly tough that he misses the dance and decided for a comeback. He focused then on Hip Hop as well as Salsa and Bachata and started to teach these dances.

His student brought him to Kizomba

A Portuguese student introduced Kizomba to Albir. After a lesson, he asked Albir if he ever heard of the dance Kizomba. Shortly after he brought some Kizomba Music to class to show it to Albir and he was hooked immediately.

Kwenda Lima – one of the experts in the Kizomba world – became his teacher and the foundation stone for Albir’s Kizomba career was therewith laid. Albir developed his own dance style straight away and mixed it with Hip Hop elements. These make his style so unique and brisk.

At this time, he participated in the dance competition “Africa dançar” together with Sarah Lopez and made it onto second place! He then complemented his class portfolio with Kizomba and meanwhile, he exclusively teaches Kizomba. Dancing and teaching are his passion and that’s why he is a full-time dance teacher.


Random Roots – Albir’s newest project:

You can’t be present on the whole world. Therefore, Albir makes use of the modern media in order to reach as many interested dancers as possible. He offers choreographies under the label “random roots” and he created his own concept for this.

Interested dancers can chose between two options.

  • As dance teacher, you can book his online class for four months to be able to pass on Albir’s steps and sequences to their own students. Like this, he reaches more students via other dance teachers. Especially many new dance teachers take this offer in order to expand their own portfolio of steps and sequences.
  • The „Express Choreo“ is for dance groups. With this option, you can buy a video with a choreography in order to learn it with a team. Afterwards you can send a video with a demo to If he likes it, he makes an appointment with that team on a festival. He practices with them for 2-3 hours and is then on stage with them for a show! This also happened on this year’s Luxembourg Kizomba Festival.

You can find Albir’s streaming classes and choreographies on

Random Roots sample



Development of the dance and the Kizomba scene:

As we all know, there are meanwhile a lot of different styles and mixes of styles under the name „Kizomba”. Dancers and musicians seek for inspiration in other areas (other dances and other music styles) and develop with it new steps and sequences and expand their portfolio. We already know this type of development from other dances.

As probably most of us have already realized, there are a lot of discrepancies and arguments due to this development. A few “traditional” dancers don’t want to know about the “modern” and some dancers who introduce new ideas into the dance become sometimes a bit pretentious and think, they are better.

Albir tells us that he experienced a lot more mutual support and unity amongst the dancers of the scene in the past. He thinks it is sad, that there is less and less cooperation and instead more selfishness now. He advocates for more acceptance and mutual support in the Kizomba scene, amongst dancers as well as amongst teachers. You can’t and shouldn’t try to prevent developments but accept them. At the same time, we should respect the roots and heritage of the dance. Without it, there wouldn’t be anything to develop! Furthermore, dancing is something beautiful and positive. We dance because we love it and because it’s fun. For the artists, it should be a beautiful and positive work. It should stay like this and we should handle it accordingly.

We, the KizzMag team can only agree with Albir’s opinion. Let’s enjoy the dance and all its facets!


Albir’s tipps for dancers:

Enjoy the dance, feel good and positive!

Don’t talk down on others and forget about the arrogance!

We have enough space for all styles and all levels!

Everyone can dance what brings him joy. It doesn’t hurt anyone.

If you don’t like something, don’t look and don’t comment.



Albir’s „must-go-to“ festivals:

  • Luxembourg Kizomba Festival
  • Summer Sensual Days (SSD & CSSF) in Rovinj
  • Amsterdam Kizomba Festival
  • Mixtura (in Cullera bei Valencia), beginning of September under his command

Thank you Albir

We were very impressed by Albir’s warmhearted, calm and thoughtful nature. He took a lot of time for our interview and we could sense how important it was for him to form his message in the right words in order to reach dancers and artists. Our conclusion: Albir isn’t only a great dancer, he is also an appealing figure who has his heart at the right place! We look forward to the next festival with him.


Albir around the world:

You didn’t have the chance yet to visit one of Albir’s workshops? You will have the chance to do so on the following festivals:

25.-27. August 2017 – Kizomba Xperience – Disneyland® Paris, Frankreich

31. August – 4. September 2017 – Mixtura Kizomba Festival, Spanien

8.-11. September 2017 – KIFE, Italien

22.-25. September 2017 – Like Festival, Portugal

20.-23. October 2017 – Amsterdam Kizomba Festival, Niederlande

14.-18. December 2017 – K I Z M I, Italien

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