Highclass teachers and workshops, atmospheric parties and a new „hot“ location determined the sixth Afromoves Kizomba Festival on March 17th – 19th in Ludwigsburg. The event was attended by over 250 workshop participants and over 500 party guests.

The festival was characterized by a personal and harmonious atmosphere, cheerful participants and diversified music. But what is “Muxima”?  Go ahead and find out…

Well-planned and perfected organization

You could see the team’s long lasting experience in the organization of events e.g. in the good choice of the catering, a good balance between male and female dancers and the friendly assistance to the festival participants. You could feel the familial atmosphere, which is very important for the Afromoves Team. A festival with personality and a cozy atmosphere! The motto is quality instead of quantity. The new location in Ludwigsburg, Clubheim 1. TC Ludwigsburg, provided enough space for workshops, parties and some occational breaks in the restaurant and lounge area.

Workshops – from a Beginner Bootcamp up to a Masterclass

Afromoves Festival Workshop by Stone's & Sabine

Photo by Photoart Eichin

Afromoves provided a broad range of workshops, as usual. For Kizomba newcomers, they offered a 6 hour Beginner Bootcamp distributed over Saturday and Sunday. This was a great opportunity to learn the fundamental Kizomba Basics in a consolidated way. It attracted complete beginners as well as dancers with some knowledge. The motivated participants were taught the basic steps, leading and following as well as first important sequences of steps. Surprising was the surplus of men in the course – a gleam of hope for the female dancers who are the majority in most parties. Look forward to it Ladies, new dancers are on their way! During the social dance in the afternoon, the bootcamp and other workshop participants could already apply the newly learned things immediately in a cozy atmosphere.

Beginner-Bootcamp opinions of participants

“It was very well organized. The lessons were well composed and executed. All beginners were able to follow the class and we were indeed able to dance some Kizomba on Sunday. Overall a great weekend and I would join again right away and recommend it to everyone.”


“The Bootcamp was really great and a lot of fun. The teachers did a really good job and they conveyed the steps and routines in a pleasant manner. The content of two times 3 hours started with the basic steps and provided first routines in order to be able to easily dance the whole night on the Kizomba party. I can only recommend the bootcamp and will for sure continue to learn.”


“It was a fantastic weekend. The beginner Bootcamap was very informative and it was a lot of fun. It was altogether a successful event and I’m planning to joing the Kizomba Tuning by Afromoves as time permits.”


Advanced learners also got their money’s worth with the high quality choice of workshops. The participants were spoilt for choice with Kizomba, Urban Kiz, Semba, Afro, Tarraxinha and Ladystyle Workshops of different levels of difficulty, offered by different well-known artists like “Sunny & Silvija“, “Stone’s & Sabine” and “Jojo & Mickaela“.

Especially challenging and high speed was the limited Masterclass by Jojo & Mickaela. Here, the dancers could prove their and improve their Kizomba skills and learn more of Jojo & Mickaela’s very particular style.

Master-Class opinions of participants

“The Masterclass was on a high level. The two showed some of their very particular steps, in their style that we are used from them and which is almost like their trademark.  They teach very professionally and are very keen to explain the technique properly and coherently. I think none of the participants were under challenged and everyone learned something new.”


“I really enjoyed the class. You had tob e a on a certain level in order to participate and all participants obeyed to that. … We learned between 4-5 routines within one hour. Jojo and Mickela watched the participants during the class and gave individual feedback. I think it was a great class and I would give 9 out of 10 points. …”  


“…  The speed was pleasant and the different exercises were adequate. The advises they gave us were especially important. … You could see that they really enjoy dancing but that the technique is very important to them. I would take another Masterclass from them again right away.”

Ronie Saleh & brother at 6th afromoves festival, Ludwigsburg

Photo by KizzMag

Surprisingly profound: Ronie Saleh! He took some of the participant’s breath away with his moving and philosophical words about dancing the his general attitude towards life. No wonder that his calendar is full for a whole year in advance. Please see the article: Ronie Saleh – dance with body and soul.

Partys and shows with a personal touch

A cozy atmosphere on Friday was accomplished especially through the balance between male and female dancers. No long cue of ladies who had to wait for a long time on the side before they were asked for a dance. The ratio was very balanced, amongst other things by a good choice of taxi dancers. DJ Dameri and DJ Dominique took care of a diversified choice of music on Friday. Traditional Kizomba, Urban, Tarraxinha, Semba and Afro House – all styles of music were provided. The only disadvantage on Friday was the high temperature on the dancefloor. The air conditioning was not strong enough for the heat. However, on Saturday, the problem was tackled right away by turning on the aircon on time and by setting up additional ventilators. This lead to a more pleasant dance climate especially during the full evening party. The dancers were not put off from dancing despite the high temperature. The mood was way too good.

Tony Gomes Liveauftritt - Afromoves Kizomba Festival

Photo by Photoart Eichin

Tony Gomes‘ live performance marked the beginning of the shows. With soft sounds and the title “Muxima” – in English “heart” and a short presentation of the Afromoves team, gave the show time a very personal and special touch.  Tony didn’t want to miss the chance to thank his dynamic team and all the helpers. The following dance shows were all of very high quality and entertaining. The following Afro House animation made the participants move again before DJ Radikal brought the dancing mood to the high point with his best pieces. The mood was also on Saturday evening consistently fantastic despite a slight surplus of women on that evening. Also the Taxidancers did a great job. The last dancers left the dancefloor on 6am in the morning.



  • Small but excellent festival with a personal note

  • High quality artists with diverse workshops

    everyone could find something suitable

  • A good balance between male and female dancers

  • Taxidancer Teams

    very well chosen

  • excellent price-performance ratio

  • 6 hours beginner bootcamp

  • atmosphere was very harmonious

  • Parking

    despite the fact that parking was organized, some participantes apparently had to walk longer distances since the parking in the closer surroundings was completely overcrowded. Most likely this happened due to a soccer game that took place just a few meters from the location since Afromoves did organize sufficient parking for the participants.

  • Dance hall too warm

    It was too warm for the dancers especially on Friday. This was tackled right away on Saturday with air conditioning and ventilators.

Overall successful festival with harmonious atmosphere

Happy festival participants, content artists and a good mood are the result of the sixth Afromoves Kizomba Festival. The artists’ feedback as well as the participants’ feedback is overall very positive and whets our appetite for the next event on March 16th – 18th 2018.

You can find more Afromoves Kizomba events in our Event-Guide. Amonst others they organize every Sunday a small Kizomba Party as well as their mothly “Noite de Kizomba” on every fourth Saturday of the month. Further information about the Afromoves dance school you’ll find in our Kizz-Index.

Here you can find the pictures of this year’s festival:

Photos by Andrea Wittstruck

Photos by Photoart Eichin

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