A Kizomba highlight was offered on 17th August in Pratteln, near Basel in Switzerland. Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata were offered with excellent DJs, complemented by Kizomba and Bachata workshops, a familiar atmosphere and a unique location. Find out here why you shouldn’t miss the next event.

Urban Kiz with holiday feeling

Bachata Workshop by Sabrina & Martin

Last year in August, the first outdoor Kizomba party was held at aquabasilea in Pratteln, a 13,000 m² adventure pool. The outdoor area with outdoor pool and pool bar is exclusively rented for the pool party by Linda Salsa dance school owner Oran Krasniqi and KiZz U – Underground Kizomba owner Hoc Chau. Guests can also jump into the pool at any time, drift on flamingo swimming tires or dance on gentle douceur songs in the water. This gives you a holiday feeling and lets you relax immediately.

In any case, everything what a dancers heart desires was offered. Before the party there were two parallel workshops; Kizomba Ladystyling with Christiane Schiel and a Bachata Sensual Workshop with Sabrina & Martin. Afterwards it was possible to dance on a Salsa and Bachata dance floor as well as Urban Kiz at every free spot in the outdoor area. Besides the actual dance floor with wooden floor, the guests also danced around the pool. DJ Valet and DJ JJ proved a good feeling for the audience and convinced with their sets.

Family atmosphere and professional organization

The atmosphere was very familiar and personal, which created a great atmosphere among the guests, not to forget the highly professional organization by Hoc and Oran, who have already organized several events in aquabasilea. For years they have been a well-rehearsed team that can rely on each other. Oran offers Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba in his dance school, Hoc complements with his label KiZz – U Underground Kizomba a huge network in the Kizomba scene and brings world class Kizomba artists to Basel. Far away from airs and graces or the need for constant self-presentation, the Basel boys are primarily interested in high-quality projects with a pleasant audience. That’s exactly what they did at this pool party, because all guests went home with a smile on their faces and had to be encouraged to leave at the end of the party. Hoc and Oran are there with their hearts and do not organise the events for the sake of money. Therefore a part of the surplus is donated to charities.

Quality has its price

Despite excellent DJs and a world class location the desired number of participants could not be reached. This was probably due to the entrance fee of 25 Swiss francs and the fact that around 80 people wanted to be put on the free guest list. Hoc was a bit unhappy and had to reject the requests consistently. These guests stayed away. “It is not fair to let some people pay and others come to the party free of charge. In addition, we have to pay admission to the location for every participant, no matter if DJ, artist or other guests. It is an exclusive party in an exclusive location that has its price.” Others took long ways to visit the exclusive party and recognized its value. The admission was worth the party and we all know that the especially “good” things in life are not free of charge.

Big event planned for 2020

Hoc, Oran + Silvia (Linda Salsa)

All in all, the two role model organizers are nevertheless satisfied. “The mood is good, the people are satisfied and the weather has held up. We are happy”. In addition to the parties at aquabasilea, other party series such as the “White Night” and “Night of Kizz & Salsa or live concerts are also offered. They are also planning a big and special event next year, also at aquabasilea. We can be curious. If you want to keep up to date, you can visit the Facebook page KiZz U – Underground Kizomba or www.lindasalsa.com .

KizzMag was happy to be there and is looking forward to further high-quality events in and around Basel.



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