If you have the choice, you’re also in agony. We took a closer look at the months of April, May and June and researched where you could go to festivals. We did not look at the USA, Asia or Australia and focused primarily on Europe and surrounding countries. The list is headed by France with 22 festivals in three months, followed closely by Spain with 12 festivals. Germany in third place offers a total of 8 festivals in three months and Italy 7. The remaining 29 festivals are spread across Europe, including Croatia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Greece and others. So if you do not have any exact festival plans, you can get an idea below.

festivals in April 2019

In April there is already a wide selection. Warsaw, Barcelona and Luxembourg are likely to be among the most visited events. Also the Corfu Beach Festival with holiday feeling sounds good and offers Kizomba as well as Salsa, Bachata and Zumba. Overall, April features 22 festivals.

April is surpassed with 31 festivals in 17 countries in May. The selection is great. The Zagreb Kizomba Festival, Feeling Kizomba Festival in Spain or Temple of Kiz in Germany will be among the bigger events. But there are also some smaller festivals for those who like it a bit more familial.

Of course, June is known for the biggest festival ever – CSSF & SSD festival in Rovinj – Croatia. But for all who want to see something different, June offers a variety of festivals. 26 festivals in total in 10 different countries. France alone offers 10 festivals in June. In addition to the Rovinj and Opatija Festival, the Olympiades of Kizomba in France and the Amsterdam Kizomba Festival in particular could be a popular destination. For Semba lovers, Semba No Pe in Portugal offers a fitting event.

It can be clearly seen that the number of Kizomba festivals is growing throughout Europe. KizzMag will also research and report on upcoming events in the future. A detailed event guide with further information will be available soon as an e-book.

We do not guarantee the completeness and correctness of the list. Events may have been canceled in the meantime or new events have been added.


festivals in April, May and June

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