Feel the fire“ – DJ Rico and DJ RnKizz proudly present their party with this slogan. A new party series in Stuttgart which was dedicated solely to Kizomba on September 30th 2017. With a great location, one of the best Kizomba DJ’s and cheerful guests the “Siente el Fuego goes Kizomba” was a great success.


The organizers

Siente el FuegaThanks to Mihaela Glaser and Rob Imran, DJ Rico and DJ RnKizz (Ajhan) gave their debut performance in the Havanna Bar Stuttgart on Tuesday evenings with a fresh mix of Bachata and Kizomba. The concept was paying off and the “BachaTuesday” is by now a well-known regular party in Stuttgart. In the meantime, Rico is one of the most popular Salsa and Bachata DJs in the greater Stuttgart area and beyond. Also, Ajhan becomes more and more well-known in the Kizomba worlds as DJ RnKizz with his interesting and diversified mix.

The two guys are truly in tune with one another and they quickly realized that they wanted to do more. They couldn’t let go of the idea of their own party series anymore.


Concept and location

They created a concept – not only another salsa party. The parties should have themes – within the genres Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Raggaeton. Furthermore, the parties should take place in a great location.  They started their search. A business colleague of Rico made them finally aware of the SI-Zentrum in Stuttgart. “The upper floor of the Phantombar could be the right place”. “Backstage” is the name of this upper part and it offers next to a sufficiently large dancefloor with a suitable floor also a great ambience and an own bar.

They started on April 29th. With DJ York as well-known guest DJ with a focus on Bachata the party series started into its first round. More than 400 guests didn’t want to miss out on this event which took place on 2 dancefloors. Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Raggaeton was on that night.

The main party always takes place in the “Backstage” area (upper floor). In the Phantombar they offer additionally until midnight a second dancefloor with additional Salsa-Bachata or Kizomba music and additionally they play Raggaeton and Latin Music which attract also people who don’t dance any of the other dances. There is no entrance fee for the “Phantombar” after midnight. This should be considered by those who are looking explicitly for Kizomba parties. If they play Kizomba in the Phantombar it’s over after midnight.


The Party

But this didn’t happen at the third edition „Siente el fuego goes Kizomba“ with DJ Saï Saï – where Kizomba was the central theme. “Kizomba was virgin soil for us and we asked some experienced Kizomba people for advice” said Rico, who was curious about the reactions to their first Kizomba party. After all there was in parallel the KizombaInvasion in Frankfurt to which pulled a lot of people from Stuttgart.  But with a great location and a top Deejay like DJ Saï Saï half the battle is already won. The party was very well organized, the directions and tips for parking as well as how to save some of the parking fee were well described on the event page.

The atmosphere was outstanding and the guests in their best dancing mood. DJ Saï Saï and DJ RnKizz put on the best of Kizomba Music you can currently get. As usual there were more women than men – but for this the taxidancers KBS Kizomba Brigade Stuttgart were in action. Guests like Dana from Munich, Joany & Petroula as well as José & Andrea from Switzerland mingled with the dancing crowd. Over 250 guests came from Karlsruhe, Munich and of course the greater area of Stuttgart to the “Siente el Fuego” Party despite the strong competition in Frankfurt.

The two newcomer organizers did everything right and can look back onto a very successful event. All guests whose opinion we asked for were enthusiastic and will join their next event. Since this is not a regular monthly event but will take place only every couple of months, it’s additionally something “special” to look forward to. No matter if Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba.


In a nutshell

  • great location and great dance floor
  • Star DJ
  • Value for money: entrance fee 10 € (free entry only in Phantombar after midnight)
  • Great atmosphere
  • Advantage parking garage: location reachable in less than one minute
  • Room downstairs only until midnight:  afterwards change to general party music (Latin, Reaggeaton, RnB, etc.)
  • Best parking situation: fee based parking garage, reduced parking ticket at Phantombar (6€ instead of 8€ – in September 17)
  • Smoking allowed, nevertheless good air


Parking in parking garage P2– at the bar you get a parking ticket for 6€ instead of 8€.

For pure Kizomberos/as we recommend to wait for the Kizomba edition. When the party has another theme the Kizomba floor is in the Phantombar and changes to Latin Music and Raggaeton at midnight.


Thumbs up from our side! The „Siente el Fuego“ Kizomba edition can be highly recommended, also for guests from outside Stuttgart. It’s not decided yet when the next „Siente el Fuego“ Kizomba edition will take place. You will find it in our event calendar as soon as the date is set or directly on facebook