Within five years, Petroula Kaleadous’ dance school TanzES established itself as one of the most popular dance schools in Stuttgart and around. Their varied course program ranges from Zumba to Salsa, Bachata to Kizomba and, more recently, West Coast Swing. In addition to the course schedule, various workshops and boot camps are regularly on the program. In this context Kizomba teacher George (Pack’n’dance) was guest teacher at the school in Esslingen. What he has to report and how TanzES has developed, you read in our article.

3-hours boot camp with George from Munich

Workshop by George (Pack’n’dance)

With about 40 participants, the Urban Kiz bootcamp with George was sold out long before the event. For the second time he appeared as a guest teacher and brought motivated dance students content of Tarraxinha, musicality and Kizomba technique closer. He was supported by dance school owner Petroula herself, who is impressed by George’s teaching style. But George also raves and always enjoys to come to the dance school. For him, it is cooperation on equal terms and praises Petroula’s in particular didactic and well structured teaching. The team is friendly, open and the atmosphere in the new location, which were moved in January 2019, was great.

Petroula supports her dance teachers

George had previously taught TanzES dance teachers with his “Teacher Certification” program, because further education is a “must have” for Petroula. Therefore, it is not surprising that she encourages her dance teachers to further training and also carries the costs. Only with a well-trained and motivated team a dance school with a diverse course program can operate successfully, told Petroula. TanzES offers classes in fitness, dance and Latin with a team of several dance teachers and assistants. Now, the dance school is one of the largest and most attractive dance schools in Stuttgart and around. However, the enthusiastic dancer has hard-won this position with diligence and passion.

First course with only one student

In 2014 she took the step to her own dance school and started her first Zumba class with only one student. This student brought a friend with, this in turn more and the project began to run. This is how the first Ladystyling course, Petroula’s hobbyhorse, was born. The women felt well looked after in the classes and were able to develop quickly their own dance personality, completely without a dance partner. In addition to Zumba Petroula then also offered Latin dance and children’s dance.

Their number of students grew rapidly. With Sonja Kon, who joined the team early on, her course program was supplemented by “Waking”. Later Joany joined the team, with whom she teaches the couple dances Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, as well as Maya. Already in 2015 she took Kizomba into the extensive course program and teaches together with Joany Gomes. In addition to regular classes, TanzES also offers regular boot camps for various dance styles, including Kizomba. This should be an added value for the students, in order to collect other impressions.

“Dancing should keep the body fit”

Petroula is incredibly proud of her team, and nothing stands in the way of TanzES‘ growth with this “manpower”. She teaches 7 days a week and Petroula is particularly proud of the variety that her dance students build with her. “There are hardly any students who only learn Salsa, only Bachata or just Kizomba. Almost all dance several dance styles.” In addition, the dance school lives according to the motto: “Dancing should keep the body fit”. A motto that is lived, especially Petroula herself, who still teaches sick and with one or the other sports injury and is present on the dance floor to inspires and motivates their dance students.

What can TanzES students and fans looking forward to?

On September 28, George returns, again for a three-hour boot camp. But there are even more highlights that TanzES offers in the coming months, including plans for a Ladystyle event with intense boot camps just for ladies, bringing them back to their original roots. In addition, she will continue to advance the dance style “West Coast Swing” in Stuttgart with her own dance teachers and invited external guest lecturers and is doing pioneering work here.

With her holistic approach and a strong team, Petroula offers one of the most attractive dance schools near Stuttgart. Their increasing number of students and their long-time regulars speak for themselves. Kizomba will continue to be an integral part of the program in the future. If you want to be up to date, keep an eye on the TanzES homepage or Facebook page. Here you can find all scheduled appointments.



The first “Black Forest Kizomba Days” took place mid-February in the small town Horb am Neckar. “Small but mighty” took on a new meaning here. Approximately 150 Kizomberos/as from Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Freiburg, Switzerland, Bremen and also France participated in this small and well-balanced event. You will learn in our article why the debut was a complete success.

Unique location

7 dance teachers, 6 DJs and some taxi dancers (to balance out the ratio between male and female dancers) were invited to Horb for a total of 15 days and offered a total of 15 workshops and 2 parties in a fantastic ambience. In particular, the location – an old monastery – which is now an event location with catering, can really be described as unique. A unique atmosphere was created in the theater hall with its old vaulted masonry and the top sound system and lighting.

Support of national artists & DJs


Versus from Italy. Photo: Photoart Eichin

As international dance couple “Versus” from Italy was invited and were very well received by the participants. For the rest, the organizers put relied on well-known local artists and DJs. “We have excellent teachers and DJs in Germany and we want to support them.” The concept was a success. Besides Versus, also George & Liza, Tony Gomes, Sunny & Victoria and Lamsca Sagnia gave workshops in various styles and all levels. The audience was very mixed. From beginners to very advanced dancers, all levels were represented, providing everyone with a feel-good atmosphere. Not only the crème de la crème meets here, also less experienced dancers can fully develop here. Therefore, the feedback of the guests is not surprising: the event organizers heard over and over comments like “unique”, “sensational” and above all “familial”.

“Small and mighty” is the trend

Almost all guests want to come back and enjoy this familial atmosphere behind old monastery walls. “Nobody is anonymous here. You get to know each other and the atmosphere is very personal,” says a guest. With this small, but for this dance organization nevertheless big event, they hit a nerve. The trend goes from large and mass events to “small and mighty”.

Some potential for improvement

At the premiere, there were also some areas for improvement. Thus the provided lunch snack was clearly insufficient. The majority of the guests would have preferred a proper meal. The organization has already put this on the “to-do list” for next year. “Next year, we’re going to plan a proper meal for lunch. This time we underestimated it.” Also, the catering could not keep up with the crowd of guests and could have been a bit more relaxed.

The workshop room on the second floor turned out to be unsuitable since the floor was not leveled tilted to one side. This made the dancing and balancing challenging. In favor of the beautiful location and the consistently positive event, however, the guests overlooked this shortcoming.


Top balance and familial atmosphere


Photo: Photoart Eichin

Especially the well-balanced male-female ratio was a crucial reason for the good mood in Horb. The organizers attached importance to this right from the beginning during the ticket sales. The 80 Full-passes were completely sold out and with 10 taxi dancers there was a great balance also on the parties. The organizers value taxi dancers, but only to some degree. Furthermore, there are always 1-2 female taxi dancers booked for the men. “There are enough gentlemen who do not feel confident enough to ask a good dancer for a dance. We like to solve this with female taxi dancers, who give these gentlemen a great dance experience “.

Also, the familiar atmosphere and the cooperation of the club members was felt throughout the event. Everyone helped and some ladies organized a cake buffet for Saturday night 2 days before. Thus, the guests could enjoy a sweet midnight snack, which recharged quite some energy levels.

On Saturday, a snow chaos that was unparalleled this winter became quite an obstacle for many dancers. Some guests had difficulties getting to the event and some spontaneous party guests decided to not join the party due to the weather. It was a shame for the guests and the organizers, but the Saturday night Gala Party was great and a lucky guest won an AfroMoves full-pass during the tombola.


Overall, the first “Black Forest Kizomba Days” was a very successful event and could become an insider tip for anyone looking for a good balance and a personal atmosphere. Those who are looking for a big event with dozens of taxi dancers are wrong here. It’s a small and highly restricted event that emphasizes quality and a feel-good ambience.

Upcoming event

From February 15th – 17th 2019, the 2nd edition will take place in a new location, to ensure a little more leg room during the workshops. First photos promise an equally beautiful location with a large free parking right outside the front door.

Among others, “Versus”, George (Pack’n’dance), Daniela & Ahmet from AfroMoves, Lamsca Sagnia from Frankfurt and many more will follow in 2019. DJ Narc6 will be new in 2019 as same as Oncle Kani & Black Cherry from Paris. DJ Remcy and DJ Angelkizz as well as DJ Harryz Kizz are back again.

First tickets for early bird prices are already online. After the excellent reputation of the 1st edition, it can be assumed that the 2nd Edition will be sold out again.

A report of Eva Fischer