There is not much to complain about. Already at the second edition, Temple of Kiz came up with an excellent organization, top quality and best mood. Why Temple of Kiz is one of the top-festivals in Europe and has amazed at the passport control at Frankfurt Airport, you can find out here.

Open Air Social until sunset

Even the unique location in form of a pyramid creates a very special atmosphere. The huge, free parking right outside the front door is almost incidental. The desire of the participants to let the social dance take place in the open-air lounge, was implemented by the organization and let the dancers burn under the strong sun, but rewarded with a great view and the possibility to dance in the sunset. Everyone agreed – social outdoors is an absolute highlight of the event.

foto: Photoart Eichin. Workshops

Under pleasantly cooler conditions, the workshops took place on the ground floor of the pyramid. Well-known artists from the first edition such as Hugo & Mariina or Stone’s & Sabine also new artists such as Daniel & Jasmin and others gave high-quality workshops and boot camps in intermediate and advanced levels.

Also in the area of ​​catering the offer was extended. A food truck stood directly in front of the entrance of the pyramid, so that acute hunger could be solved quickly. Stalls for dance shoes and dancewear rounded off the supporting program.

Over 500 participants

The international Deejay line up has consistently played the best Urban Kiz music, both in social and at the parties inside the pyramid. It’s the wrong festival for fans of classic Kizomba or Semba, but Urban Kiz lovers are definitely right here. That’s exactly the vision from the beginning of the organizers Stefanie Pietas and Oliver Eichin, a pure urban Kiz festival without spatial separation of dance floors. Although the number of participants has increased significantly to more than 500 people, the organizers were still able to achieve a satisfying balance. Among other things, nine taxi teams took care of that.

Indian participant is anxious for entry

The mood was consistently positive and the feedback from the participants sensational. At this event, everyone probably went home with a smile and has already marked the date for 2020 in the calendar. Temple of Kiz can rightly calls itself a top event in Germany, Europe and beyond. This is also shown in the story of a participant from India. He had by far the longest journey for this event and got into difficulties with the entry, because at first the employees at passport control did not want to believe that he only wanted to travel to Germany because of a dance festival. We look forward to seeing which international guests the event will attract in 2020.


Almost nothing can be improved here. The location, organization, quality of the artists and Deejays, all together make a perfect mix and makes Temple of Kiz an event highlight of Urban Kiz scene.

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“Temple of Kiz”, the new Urban Kiz Festival in the Mainz Pyramid has made an excellent start. Already more than 300 Kizomberos and Kizomberas from Germany, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg have visited the new festival and the feedback is positive, not only because of the unique location. Our review:

A focus on dancing

foto: Photoart Eichin

The social dance and the party are have priority at the new “Temple of Kiz” festival, not so much a wide variety of workshops. For this purpose, only international DJs were booked, including DJ Valet, DJ Lenhy or DJ Nice Life along with other well-known Deejays. But also newcomer Deejay PG, who appeared for the first time at a festival, came like a bombshell with his fresh mix. Organizer Stefanie Pietas likes to give promising newcomers the chance to play at her festival.

For those eager to learn, there was a mix of individual workshops and several-hour boot camps throughout the day, primarily in the intermediate and advanced levels. National teachers like Stone’s & Sabine, Lamsca Sagnia and international dance teachers like Aime & Trecy from Luxembourg or Hugo & Mariina were among the teachers in the pyramid. Those not attending workshops could let off steam at the social from 2 p.m. The evening party started at 10 p.m. under the modern pyramid dome and offered the guests the chance to dance to the finest Urban Kiz music until 7 a.m. in the morning.

Top modern location

foto: Photoart Eichin

We already reported about the location. Top modern equipment with great sound system and lighting technology and a sophisticated architecture. The “pyramid” is really something “special”, not just an ordinary room with some sound system and a few lighting effects installed. The air conditioning can also be very well controlled here. Already just the very high ceiling avoids too much heat. Already before entering, you find yourself in front of the mighty pyramid with a large free car park right in front of the front door. The panoramic lounge under an open roof invites to linger (if the weather is warm). It would have been great if music was played here to enjoy the first hours of social dance under the sky. But the lounge is also perfect for a cup of coffee and a chat.

The traffic connection to the pyramid is excellent. A motorway access is very close, there are hotels within walking distance and various shops for the most necessary supply. Since it is located in an industrial area, there is no curfew or complaints due to loud music.

Well-balanced and great mood

foto: Photoart Eichin

The well-balanced ratio of male and female dancers was also crucial for the great atmosphere. Already at ticket sales, the organizer had an eye on the ratio. Contrary to the original planning and due to many spontaneous interested dancers, there was also a box office. Nevertheless, there was no large excess of women, which is very difficult to plan with a box office. Thanks to the good work of the taxi teams such as Funomen, Kizomba Brigade Stuttgart, Casanova, Ghetto Kiz and the other groups, the ladies got their money’s worth. Our poll resulted in very positive feedback on the overall balance and work of the taxi dancers groups. Since “Temple of Kiz” does not belong to the big events, but to the medium-sized festivals – measured by number of participants – the atmosphere still had a slightly familial character.

Room for improvement

panorama lounge. foto: Photoart Eichin

There was not much to complain about this event and if at all than on a rather high level. Of course, nobody needed the “stink bomb” on Friday night. It was – contrary to some assumptions – definitely not a drain problem of the pyramid, but the work of a guest. Whether stupid prank or common sabotage act, it was unsuccessful, because real Kizomberos don’t let anything spoil their evening and they just danced on vigorously.

Some lamented that there was no possibility to dance in the panorama lounge. Here the roof can be opened completely and with great weather it would have been the perfect social dance floor. It was technically not possible to implement this spontaneously and was also meant to be a silent space. However, the organizers accept the feedback and therefore we can hope for an open air social next year.

Despite nearby shopping facilities, an in-house dining option or a food truck in the parking lot would have been desirable to replenish the occasional energy needs.

The prices for drinks were in a slightly upper price range. A 1-liter bottle of water, for example, costs € 6.00 hurt the finances of some guests, especially since also during the workshops no drinks were allowed to be brought.

In a nutshell

  • Unique location with air conditioning
  • Big social and long parties with well-known DJs
  • Good dancer ratio and great mood
  • Hotels within walking distance
  • Focus on social and party, smaller workshop program
  • Sanitary facilities always clean
  • Free large parking
  • No in-house food service, upscale drink prices


Top! If you like pure Urban Kiz music, then you will get your money’s worth in a unique location with top DJs and a small workshop program. The dancer ratio was pleasant despite box office and also the dancing level was remarkable. The organization and communication for the participants was very good and the atmosphere was consistently positive. A great accomplishment for the first edition and thus one of the most promising events in Germany. With this first edition’s reputation, there will be many more dancers in the pyramid next year, in the best case on presale, to achieve the same, if not better, ratio then. The multi-level location always offers potential for growth.

foto cover picture: Cornelius Pfannkuch