There is not much to complain about. Already at the second edition, Temple of Kiz came up with an excellent organization, top quality and best mood. Why Temple of Kiz is one of the top-festivals in Europe and has amazed at the passport control at Frankfurt Airport, you can find out here.

Open Air Social until sunset

Even the unique location in form of a pyramid creates a very special atmosphere. The huge, free parking right outside the front door is almost incidental. The desire of the participants to let the social dance take place in the open-air lounge, was implemented by the organization and let the dancers burn under the strong sun, but rewarded with a great view and the possibility to dance in the sunset. Everyone agreed – social outdoors is an absolute highlight of the event.

foto: Photoart Eichin. Workshops

Under pleasantly cooler conditions, the workshops took place on the ground floor of the pyramid. Well-known artists from the first edition such as Hugo & Mariina or Stone’s & Sabine also new artists such as Daniel & Jasmin and others gave high-quality workshops and boot camps in intermediate and advanced levels.

Also in the area of ​​catering the offer was extended. A food truck stood directly in front of the entrance of the pyramid, so that acute hunger could be solved quickly. Stalls for dance shoes and dancewear rounded off the supporting program.

Over 500 participants

The international Deejay line up has consistently played the best Urban Kiz music, both in social and at the parties inside the pyramid. It’s the wrong festival for fans of classic Kizomba or Semba, but Urban Kiz lovers are definitely right here. That’s exactly the vision from the beginning of the organizers Stefanie Pietas and Oliver Eichin, a pure urban Kiz festival without spatial separation of dance floors. Although the number of participants has increased significantly to more than 500 people, the organizers were still able to achieve a satisfying balance. Among other things, nine taxi teams took care of that.

Indian participant is anxious for entry

The mood was consistently positive and the feedback from the participants sensational. At this event, everyone probably went home with a smile and has already marked the date for 2020 in the calendar. Temple of Kiz can rightly calls itself a top event in Germany, Europe and beyond. This is also shown in the story of a participant from India. He had by far the longest journey for this event and got into difficulties with the entry, because at first the employees at passport control did not want to believe that he only wanted to travel to Germany because of a dance festival. We look forward to seeing which international guests the event will attract in 2020.


Almost nothing can be improved here. The location, organization, quality of the artists and Deejays, all together make a perfect mix and makes Temple of Kiz an event highlight of Urban Kiz scene.

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The long weekend beginning of June 2017 inflamed Kizomba passions – not only due to the great music but also due to the heat that everybody had to fight with. 500 participants danced for the purposes of a fundraiser for “Wir helfen Kindern” (“we help children”). Despite some weaknesses in the organization, the KizombaInvasion Stuttgart had a great start thanks to about 100 teachers, DJs, taxi dancers and helpers.

High temperatures

You can see that the organizers of the KizombaInvasion weren’t very lucky with the locations and especially the temperatures. Just like in Munich the participants had to tolerate very high temperatures. In rooms right under the roof, low ceilings and outside temperatures around 30 degrees it hard to avoid such temperatures on the dancefloor. It was great that the organization reacted immediately:  on the next day, they bought at least a dozen high-powered ventilators in order to fight the heat at least a little bit. One characteristic of good organizers is that they don’t only accept the circumstances but that they react proactively within the scope of their possibilities.

Great party atmosphere

Just like in Munich, the party guests didn’t let that spoil their party. With DJs like Selekto Mao, Narc6 or Remcy and Saul from Munich and many other great Deejays, it was hard to hold oneself back. The music was diverse and infectious, on the Urban Kizz Floor just the same as on the classic Kizomba floor. The social dance was jammed and full of cheerful dancers. Especially the job of the taxi dancers is taken very seriously at the KizombaInvasion evenets and you can see that the group really pays attention that nobody has to wait for a long time for a dance (women and men). The male and female taxi dancers did a great job and gave their very best in order to make the guests happy on the dancefloor. The warm weather outside also had its sunny side and that’s how a spontaneous outdoor social dance floor was created in front of the entrance and the guests enjoyed the afternoon sun to catchy Kizomba songs.

Over two days, always two workshops took place in parallel, from beginner classes to a masterclass, almost everything was offered, although they were mainly in Urban style. Stone’s & Sabine, Yasmeen Diamond, Franky Kizzfly, Arnaud & Inna or Donald Wilson together with others passed on their knowledge during their workshops. For people who prefer to take workshops in rather classical Kizomba might not be well-advised to buy a full-pass. The party-ticket can be recommended to everyone though since there was a second dancefloor with classical Kizomba and Semba.

Organizational weaknesses

The workshop plan disclosed some first organizational weaknesses. In the run-up changing workshop plans lead to misunderstandings amongst the participants. Thus, an advanced dancer found herself in a beginner class and changed with a delay to the right workshop. The same thing happened also to some other participants. An updated Workshop plan was displayed on every door which was however overlooked by some participants. A general recommendation for everyone: please ask for an updated workshop plan before the workshops start. Last-minute changes can take place on any festival due to various reasons like e.g. illnesses.

On Sunday, the schedule was messed up completely. Due to a short notice cancellation of an artist, the start of the workshops was delayed which lead to a change of the complete workshop plan. Lunch arrived only after 4pm instead of at lunchtime due to the change of the schedule. Participants who got themselves out of bed early after dancing away the night were not happy about the circumstances. Many participants were bothered by the change of timing and for some artists it lead to problems in their own time management. For organizers, it’s generally a mammoth task as soon as artists or DJs cancel short notice like in this case. They have to search for replacements and it’s not always possible to solve this. Technical problems with the sound system additionally postponed the schedule. The organizers are even more aware about these problems and will keep an eye about these things after this experience. The organizers are very thankful for the support of the artists and DJs who stepped in last-minute in order to replace the ones who had to cancel.

Beneficence and dancing in foreground

Altogether and despite some organizational weaknesses – which can absolutely take place at a first event – it was a successful start for KizombaInvasion in Stuttgart. The organizing team does their job wholeheartedly and you can feel that the fun of dancing is absolutely in the foreground and not commercial purposes. The cooperation with “Dekasa – Deutsch-kamerunischer Samariter e.V.” (german-cameroon Samaritan association) for almost all KizombaInvasion events shows what a great project is being created here. The public charity will benefit from everything that is left in the basket at the end of the year. With this year’s learning curve we can expect a great KizombaInvasion Stuttgart in May 2018. Their next party takes place on September 23rd 2017 in Mannheim followed by the KizombaInvasion Frankfurt from September 29th – October 1st 2017, which takes place already for the second time. We are curious and look forward to it.


  • 2 Floors

    Urban Kizomba and classic Kizomba & Semba

  • fund raiser

  • High dancing level

    50 taxi dancers (male and female)

  • varied music and good mix of DJs

  • breakfast buffet and African food

  • high temperatures

    especially because of the weather

  • in the run-up changing workshop plans

  • change of timeline

    complete changing of the Sunday schedule

Next dates

23.09.2017 Kizinvasion Day Mannheim

29.09. – 01.10.2017 KizombaInvasion Frankfurt