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Event Chaos

In conversation with Stone's Rock (Bremen) More and more Kizomba events arising faster and faster. Especially France, Spain, Italy and Germany are leading the list. More than 300 festivals are expected to take place in Europe in 2019. Individual…

"We have to change our teaching style in the scene"

JP & Stephy - the emerging Kizombastars. Their schedule is full, organizers must request more than one year in advance if they want to book them as teachers. What they have to say about Kizomba and their view of the scene can be found in…

Festivals in June

June is coming and beside the Summer Sensual Days in Rovinj there are further more interesting festivals. For those who want to decide spontanousely, will find a detailed list below. Five festivals will take place in Germany, ten in France.…

The secrets of a top festival

The results of our first online survey about festivals have been evaluated. In this article we want to show you some of the results. The winner is clearly a suitable location and a good balance between men and women. Which factors are also far…

79 festivals in three months

If you have the choice, you're also in agony. We took a closer look at the months of April, May and June and researched where you could go to festivals. We did not look at the USA, Asia or Australia and focused primarily on Europe and surrounding…

Second round in the temple

After a successful start in 2018, "Temple of Kiz" enters the second round. What awaits the guests this year and what innovations there are, you will read in the following.   A special selection of workshops and boot camps, an international…

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Where to find…?

You are looking for a suitable dance school? You need a new pair of shoes? Here you will find the address and contacts to teachers, photographer, organizors and all what dance lovers need.